Home Based Business Scam Reviews

In today's home based business world, you don't have to search long to find out that many of these "opportunities" will leave you broke and really distort your view of this whole business...... unfortunately.

What if I could show you a way to be set up to make money on auto pilot right from your home...using your computer to build your business? Would that interest you?

It's no secret that people are doing it. The question always becomes "How can a "normal" person do it?" This is a hard question indeed but I believe that the only way that a "normal" person can "do it" is to learn from another "normal" person...not some "guru".

Believe me....I love the gurus. Without them, making money online wouldn't be so profitable and simple. They create ebooks, software, scripts, templates, and products that give "normal" people the ability to profit from home. Don't be a "guru" hater.

Many of my competitors with other review sites will bash these gurus all over the place when the truth of the matter is...most of them are actively promoting a product or service by a guru and in some cases, they are selling a product that was originally created by some "guru". I am happy to say that what I'm about to introduce you to is definately my own report, NOT some work of a "guru". It's my own work written just for you, the skeptical home based business seeker looking for the REAL and HONEST information about utilizing the computer from home to earn cash.

Let me introduce you to......

"Average People:Bigger Pockets" Is EXACTLY What I Was Looking For When I First Started Considering An Online Business. It Is Compiled From Years Of Research, Trying, Testing, and Tweaking"

Instead of focusing on making millions of dollars that are promised with MOST programs, I will show you exactly what ALL these marketers are doing (including me) and how to get going on the proper path. No trial and error. No risk. I have already assumed all the risk for you by being in this business......testing and trying different methods and researching all of this stuff.

What Can "Average People:Bigger Pockets" Do For Me?

If you truly want to learn how to make money from home on a consistent basis, I know for a fact that there is no better way to do this than the internet. So exactly what does this comprehensive report reveal? Have a look at some of the basics that are covered here.......

 1. Affiliate Programs : Which ones and marketing them
 2. Article Marketing : Where and How?

 3. Free For All Sites : What are they and how can/will they help you?

 4. Blogging : What it is and how to do it and why?

 5. Joint Ventures : What are they and how to do them and why?

 6.  Pay Per Click Advertising : Where and how to get the most for your bucks?
7.  Search Engine Optimization : Techniques and placement
8.  Dropshipping : Ebay and Wholesaling
 9.  Web Hosting/Web Design : Who, where, and why you don’t need to know  HTML coding
10. Writing Ads and Ad Copy : See example of ads that I have used and others that work

11. Business Licensing : Becoming legitimate with licenses and bank accounts

12. Data Entry and Paid Surveys : Are they worth your time and if so, which ones
13. Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, and Master Resell Rights : What are they and how you can start profiting from them immediately?

14. Newsgroups and Safelists : What are they and how to utilize them for success

15. Junk Mail : Is it really junk mail or a gold mine waiting to happen?

16. Other People’s Ads : Responding to them for YOUR benefit and turning THEM into YOUR customers
17. Web Hosting : Where, why, and how to make money in this area as well.

These topics are covered in detail and will paint the picture for those of you that are skeptical about this internet marketing stuff. I put together the exact product that I was searching for when I started looking into this business. 
It's time for you to quit guessing and wasting time and money. Stop putting up with traditional methods that leave you hanging....allow me to show you the true path for success based on years of experience and testing these methods

Order "Average People:Bigger Pockets" right now at the incredibly low price of only $47 and you'll soon be selling your own product, affiliate marketing from home, and putting some cash in your pocket! 


Auto Safelist Submitter

Finally, the Safelist Submitter you've been waiting for!

....this is just the Easiest, Most Professional and Powerful Safelist submitter you will Find Online. Now for the first time ever you can log in and set up your ads one-time, then set the software to mail every day for 998 days automatically without you ever having to log in again for almost 3 years. This will truly put all your promotions on auto pilot while you do something else.

CAUTION: Your Ads could have an EXPLOSIVE Response! 

Imagine being able to Join hundreds of Safelists with ONE click, Saving Your Ads AND have them SENT Automatically to the Safelists.

You will definately save TIME!!!!
Main Benefits for All Accounts
  • NO Software to Download
  • Completely Web-Based submitter membership. Nothing to download to your PC. Everything is done through your Private Member area.
  • Join hundreds of Safelists with ONE Click
  • Easily manage all aspects of Safelists, to include; Registration, Send Message to all safelists, Vacation Setting, Request welcome message, Delete Account, Change profile anytime, etc. All done from your private account. No need to visit each one of the safelist site to do any of the above.
  • Safelist Auto-Validator Feature - new!
  • Completely Web-Based Safelist Auto-Validator. No need to access your list address mailbox and click each one of the Validation links.
  • NO waiting in line to send your Ad
  • Everything is right there, no need to start wandering off to other sites.
  • NO waiting or window stalling after sending your Ad
  • You will not have to wait for your ad to be sent, all is done in the background, saving you time everytime.
  • Just hit Send and your ad will go to all Safelists
  • That's right, and even have your ad sent automatically, no need to login each day. You can preset your ad to go out every day for 999 days without logging back in. Let our system do the job for you. Relax and enjoy your day!
  • Add your Banners to our rotator
  • You may add your personal banners to our rotator shown on every page of this site.
  • POP3 Mailbox Cleaner
  • A" Must" have for Internet Marketers. It will auto-dump any mailbox you specify. Meaning it will automatically delete all your messages from your mailbox every x amount of time. (set by admin)
  • Link Tracking
  • You may add x amount of URLs depending your membership level for tracking hits to any site you specify. Another "Must".
  • Save Ads for easy access and sending
  • You wil be able to save your ads. No more copy and paste everytime you want to send your ad. It will all be there when you come back.
  • Built-In Affiliate Program
  • Earn cash when you promote your Affiliate URL. You will find all the necessary promotional links and banners in member area.
  • And Lots of Bonuses
  • You will be using the MOST sophisticated safelist submitter system ever built!

Instant Digital Product Delivery

If You Are Selling Digital and Informational Products Online or eBay … then it is time for you to discover the ground-breaking system that will take your business to the next level!

It doesn’t matter if you only have 1 product or if you have 100 products…

 “You CAN Switch Your Digital Product Sales To Auto-Pilot –In Only 2 Minutes– And Skyrocket Your Sales, Boost Your Customer List And Finally Get The Free Time That You Deserve"

“Discover The Biggest Internet Marketing Secret And Get A 24/7 Employee Working For YOU – Without Paying Any Salary” 

If you are selling digital or informational products ANYWHERE ONLINE then you MUST discover the ONE-STOP state-of-the-art solution that will turn your marketing, your list-building, and your business into an automated money-making machine!

It’s Time for You to Discover MyDigitalDispatch!

MyDigitalDispatch is like having a virtual secretary – working for you 24/7 – to handle all of your delivery, shipping and customer service needs! And it will even give you the solution you need to start selling your digital products on EBay AGAIN!

MyDigitalDispatch Is So Simple To Set-Up And Use
that ANYONE Can Master It!

When you set-up MyDigitalDispatch you don’t have to worry about any technical or confusing information… in fact, you can have it completely set-up in about 2 minutes!

All you have to do is upload the files to your web host, run the program, fill in the blanks, click next a couple of times and... Voila! EVERYTHING you need is set up and ready to start automating your business and your life! Even if you do have problems I have put together a helpful support team that will be there to help you along the way. And I Have Only Really Scratched the Surface on What MyDigitalDispatch Can Do For You and Your Business

Just take a second and look over all the features that you are going to get when you order MyDigitalDispatch right now.

  •     You can have Unlimited Products
  •     You can have Unlimited Email Messages
  •     Shopping Cart Support
  •     Integration with your autoresponder
  •     You can sell Multiple Items in ONE Auction on eBay
  •     Customizable Messages through personalization tags. (Personalization)
  •     Instant Delivery
  •     Transaction Log
  •     Works 24/7/365
  •     No human intervention necessary
  •     Works with your computer turned off
  •     Easy "Click Next" Installation
  •     Easy to use administration panel
  •     Error Logging
  •     Pulls backend profits through very targeted upselling and affiliate programs
  •     Instant follow-up
  •     Adjusts to any PayPal supported currency
  •     Checks price and currency before delivery to prevent fraudulent transactions
  •     Scalable - Ability to install additional modules with the click of the button. i.e. - Sales Frequency report module - PayPal button generator module
  •     Return URL WILL NOT be the download page
  •     Prevent item and bandwidth stealing
  •     Receive Free news and marketing tips right from inside your admin panel
  •     Write Email messages in either html or plain text to avoid filters
  •     Emails you each time an item is sold and sent
  •     Promote your affiliate programs through unlimited targeted signatures
  •     You don't have to update your products' item numbers every time you list something on eBay. You just create the items once and you are all set
  •     No button encryption is necessary
  •     No need to write a new message for each product. Just create the email message(s) that you need and attach it to as many products you like. This way when you change the message, it will automatically change for all the products that are using it.
  •       Works with eBay like a charm
  •     You can create unlimited "Items for sale" with different titles (Perfect for eBay auctions), without having to modify your inventory .Inventory stays nice and clean
  •     Change your download URL's with the push of a button
  •     Works with software, eBooks, images, videos, mp3s, zip, and any other downloadable file format
  •     You can even use this software to send customized confirmation email for physical products as well, and upsell something else to your customers
  • 8 BONUS ABSOLUTELY FREE(Worth Above $500)
With MyDigitalDispatch There Is NO Membership
And There Is NO Monthly Fee!

Sales Letter Factory - Mini Sales Creator

"How to Create High-Conversion
Sales Letters and Bid-Pulling
Auction Listings
in Less than 20 Minutes..." 

As you know, a great sales letter is the key to becoming very successful in selling any product or service online. Not just the letter itself, but also the presentation of that letter in a professional way using time tested techniques is vital to its effectiveness. 
Sales Letter Factory!

 This incredible software not only guides you step by step as you carefully craft your sales letter, it practically writes it for you!

Not only does it totally format your sales letter for you, just like the sales letter you are reading now, formatted, it also builds your sales page website for you! 


    *  Step By Step Process - "Sales Letter Factory" walks you through a simple step by step process, and all you do is fill in the blanks! So you don't need to worry about what to write first or if you are forgetting anything

    * It Builds The Web Page For You! - This incredible software builds your web page for you... You just enter your text in the boxes and click build! It's that simple. It saves you time and the learning curve of having to learn HTML or web programming. In fact, it even saves you money on website editing software. You DON'T need one to use Sales Letter Factory

    * It Creates Your Auction listings in seconds, ready to copy and paste into any online auction website. Allowing you to generate eye-pulling auction listings quickly means that you can create more listings in less time increasing your cash flow with minimal effort

    * Its Easy To Use! - "Sales Letter Factory" is so easy to use, my friend has successfully turned out 4 sales letters with it at first go! She doesn't know how to write copy and she has never created a website before in her life. You know what she asked me? "Can you please create a non-sales template so I can create my personal page with this? -I Love it". I smiled...

    * Just Fill In The Blanks! - All you have to do is go through each step and add a bit of text to the empty boxes! There is a "Preview" button so you can view your sales letter at any time and make sure it's coming along nicely. Disclaimer: This feature can be addicting.

    * Save your Sales Letter Projects! - I say starting from scratch every time is for the birds! Just hit the save button to save your template, then on your next sales letter, load it up again into the software and change the product details! or even the template itself. You will see your sales letter taking different shapes and sizes with the click of a few buttons.

    * No Copywriting Experience Needed- You don't need to be a copywriter to use Sales Letter Factory. The software is smart enough to do that for you. Even if you are a copywriter, SLF will save you a tremendous amount of time putting everything together.

    * Create your Own Templates - If you already have a basic template you are currently using to create sales pages, you can convert it, adding it to Sales Letter Factory and watch the system generate any sales page using your OWN template. (TIP: You can even create templates and sell them to SLF users)

    * It's Flexible for Split Testing- With "Sales Letter Factory", you can change the color, size and font of almost every part of your sales letter. This is a great feature, especially if you are big with testing like I am. You can just create 2 slightly different versions of the same page to test conversions, literally in seconds. Next time, just fire-up your Sales Letter Factory, make some more changes and test the new page against your control.

    * Are you Into Resale Rights Products?- As you probably already know, differentiation is the key to success when selling resell rights products or Private Label Rights (PLR) products. Using the standard sales letters that come with resell rights packages is a recipe to fail. All around the internet you will see the same letters with the same offers and some will even be selling the same products for pennies. However, with Sales Letter Factory, you can quickly change the sales letters to create your own. You can combine bonuses and create your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This will only take a few minutes of your time using SLF and the results will knock your socks off ...literally

If you are sick of struggling to figure out how to build a direct sale website or a bid-pulling online auction...

And.... if you are sick of staying up late at night when the rest of your family is cozy in bed sleeping, while you're up banging your head against your computer monitor, trying to figure out how to get an attractive, selling website of your own online....

Then "Sales Letter Factory" is just what you need! 

 Take Action, And Start Making A Great Living Online Right Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to get your website online in an easy and automated way. Our software will practically write your sales letter for you.


Shout Response

"Get Your Own Professional Full-Featured Autoresponder Account And Start Building Your List Today!"

Getting your emails delivered fast and effectively is number one priority in ShoutResponse because we know having a human touch in your email marketing is crucial to your business.

ShoutResponse Incorporates an Array of Sophisticated Features Into a Single, Affordable Email Autoresponder.
  • Unlimited email follow-up messages
  • Personalize each of your follow-up message with the prospect's personal information and up to 10 extra customizable fields.
  • Send text or Html formatted messages to your prospects.
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Blog RSS Syndicator
ShoutResponse has all the powerful features you would expect from a professional email marketing service. At a price that is so affordable for anyone, ShoutResponse makes email marketing affordable for people who are just starting with email marketing.

 Shout Response Features:

    Ad Tracking System

Track unlimted links, rotate unlimited urls for each tracker, separate unique from raw hits so you can tell how many visitors are hitting your page the first time.
    Unlimited Follow Up Autoresponders

Broadcast your messages with an automated sequence of personalized messages. Research has shown it often take a prospect multiple contact to maximize sales conversion. Plus gives you the ability to sequence by the hour!
    Personalized Every Email Messages Easily

Connect to your customers easily by personalizing your messages with the personal information of the subscriber such as first name and email automatically.
    Integrate With Our Easy Opt-In Form Creator

Convert your visitors into prospects. Create signup forms with our point-and-click wizard - no need for a web designer!
    Quick And Fast Email Deliverability

ShoutResponse ensures that your messages end up right in your subscriber's mail in-box and not in the spam box. Supporting CAN SPAM compliant, we monitor our email deliverability day and night to ensure y

PLUS These Other Powerful Features Too!

    * Create unlimited number of autoresponder accounts. One for each of your product, if you want to.

    * Enter as many follow-up messages as you want. You can set your autoresponder to follow-up with your subscribers for as long as you want (count in decades!)

    * Personalize each of your follow-up message with the prospect's personal information and up to 10 extra customizable fields.

    * Automatically remove a subcriber from a follow-up sequence if he/she chooses to subcribe to a new autoresponder. Great feature for after sale follow-up.

    * Send text or Html formatted messages to your prospects.

    * One click unsubscribe link allows your subscribers to automatically remove their email address from your database or edit their personal information.

    * The follow-up autoresponder is linked to the mailing list module making it possible for you to contact your prospects whenever you want, whether they have completed their follow-up sequence or not.

    * Blog RSS broadcaster that will allow you to have your new blog entries automatically emailed to your autoresponder subscribers.

    * A double opt-in system to protect you from false spam complaints.

    * Analyze your profitability with detailed autoresponder statistics.

    * Use the message scheduler to send a message on a particular date/time... days, weeks or even months ahead of time.

    * A Global broadcaster that lets you email all your subscribers from different lists... without sending duplicates.

    * Take advantage of our built-in SPAM score tester to help ensure your emails get to your prospects' Inbox.

    * Get your emails delivered to Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL email addresses more often... because every mailing list includes an official SPF record.

    * Bounced emails are automatically noted and taken care of behind the scenes.

    * Instant, automatic archives of every email you send.

    * Easily add, edit, delete and reset your link trackers through the simple admin panel.

    * Receive daily, weekly or monthly email reports on tracker activities.

Limited Add Bonus! (NEW)

    * Get video step-by-step tutorial tips on how to setup your autoresponder the professional way!

Pro2 Income System

Your Simple Proven Step-By-Step Recession-Proof Income System!

"Dominate Any Niche And Drive Hordes Of Traffic, With Wallets In Hand, To Your Very Own Money-Making Website That Is Ready To Start Pumping Out Sales For You Today!"

1stPromotion Pro2 Is The Only Total Affiliate System To Harness The Power Of YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter And Dozens Of Other Sites To Flood Your Site With Laser-Targeted Hungry Buyers!
NOTE: ClickBank & Over 30 Other Affiliate System Built Right In!
Introducing The Most Amazing Time-Tested & Proven Development In Online Income Opportunities Since The Invention Of The ebook!......

The Pro2 ClickBank Mall & Ultimate Income System

Pro2 is a paint-by-numbers system, that gives you all of the tools, resources and of course our powerful web mall and fuse them together with our step-by-step guide - from some of the most respected ClickBank® marketers - so that average people can finally make a decent income online.

It took 2 years of development. We have learned from, and corrected our mistakes, so you don't have to!

"Earn Profits From Unlimited Streams Of Income While Working In The Comfort Of Your Home Even While You Sleep, Read a Book, Walk the Dog, or Watch Television!"

In a nutshell, Pro2 automatically & securely attaches your identity to over 11,000 products and services ensuring that you get paid anything sold through your site. You profit up to 75% commission on everything listed on your site.

There's no need to own a website, as we will provide you with a unique affiliate web site and web address. All ClickBank® Marketplace products are accessible through the search box located right on your Pro2 store as well as featured products you select with images and descriptions.

No two Pro2 sites will ever be the same, so you'll be offering your customers a unique site and content. You can add text, banners, images, Google AdSense, and so much more to your site, even with no previous webmastering experience. You will control such things as your Store Name and page title.

You can also add affiliate products and programs from other than ClickBank® if you wish. Matter of fact, inside of the Pro2 Member's Area, there is a "Suggest A Product" link that will allow you to suggest your own product for addition to the Product Library. that all of our members use. They can then select the product for their Pro2 site as well. (Vendors, this is a great way to add your product to potentially thousands of our member's Pro2 malls.)

You get instant access to our Income Accelerator Guide which reveals the very same methods and resources used by Ron & I to promote our sites. These methods range from free to paid methods, so there is something suitable for anyone that wants to get active and start making money through the promotion of their Pro2 site.

The Income Accelerator Guide is broken into three sections. An immediate action plan to assist you to get traffic and sales starting your very first day, and intermediate action plan, and a long-term action plan for sustained traffic to your site.

You may elect to host your Pro2 site on an independent server with your own domain name. Order the hosting through our service and we set-up your site on the host for you at no additional cost. You may register a new domain name or use one that you already own if you like.

Take comfort, as the support you get from 1stPromotion continues long after you press the "Pay Now" button, and is considered one of the best support teams in the home business sector. 

Download DLGuard

DLGuard is a full sales and customer management system and can help you protect, streamline, and grow your online business!

  •     Secure single product sales
  •     Built-in shopping cart
  •     Create Membership sites
  •     Expiring download links
  •     Limit download attempts
  •     Offer promotional coupons
  •     Calculates sales conversion rates automatically
  •     Template based for easy customisation
  •     Automatic mailing list sign-up
  •     Integrated with the major payment systems
How DLGuard Works?

DLGuard is a powerful, yet easy to use script that you simply upload to your website and then rest assured that your internet business is not only safe, but also much easier to manage, automating the tasks you just don't have the time for.

DLGuard supports the three types, or methods, of sale on the internet:

  • Single item sales (including bonus products!)
  • Multiple item sales
  • Membership websites

DLGuard is full integrated with PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, AlertPay, Ebay, PayDotCom, E-Gold, 1ShoppingCart, E-Bullion, LinkPoint, PagSeguro, and even tracks your free product downloads.

The DLGuard built-in Shopping Cart offers Paypal, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout payment options, and the Membership areas allow Paypal, Clickbank, and LinkPoint recurring billing as well as linking to any PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, AlertPay, Ebay, PayDotCom, E-Gold, 1ShoppingCart, E-Bullion, LinkPoint, PagSeguro single sale products so that people who buy your products can access your members area.

The Double Feel Good Factor: Make Money and Do Good

Earn while you Learn about Community Marketing

You could be one of 100 Apprentices accepted into a powerful new Internet Marketing Course.

It's 100% no cost, in fact they even guarantee you'll earn $1000 in 60 days if accepted.
(click the link for more info- conditions apply)

It's a course in Community Marketing and Community Commerce. You'll learn how to dominate Niche and Local Opportunities. Rather than building a list and websites, it's about building a Community where other people build your business for you - the web 2.0 way.

The course is run by Cagora and teaches a step-by-step 'Community Blueprint' system.

Cagora is creating the world's first Global Marketplace of what will soon be more than 25,000 Local and Special Interest Community Marketplaces - each a new style One Stop 'Authority Community' powered by the wisdom of the crowd.

In fact Forrester Research recently predicted that this same business model - what they call Social Commerce - will be the "new Era of the Social Web'.

You can ride that wave and generate ongoing income

Find out why it's causing a buzz....
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Get in early for the biggest share of the traffic, sales and profits for yourself and your favorite Charities.

Free Downloads

Internet Business for Newbies

File Format:                             MS Word Document, PDF
Number of Pages:                     17
Salespage:                               None.
Download/Thank You Page:        None.
Included Graphics:                    Cover
Cover Graphics:                        JPG
Miscellaneous Graphics:             None.
Extra Pages:                            None.
Year Released/Circulated:          Unknown, but timeless info.
Suggested Selling Price:            $17(But Free for you)

Table Of Contents:
  •  How to Start an Internet Business
  •  Creating A Sellable Product
  •  The Importance of Overdelivering
  •  Getting the Word Out
  •  Ethical Marketing
  •  Building a Customer Base
  •  Benefits of Joint Ventures
  •  Preselling - The Art of Building Anticipation
  •  The Importance of Selling
  •  Outsourcing Your Business

The first and most important thing to do is to list out all your skills. What skills do you have? You may have picked up these skills through daily life (for example languages), through your job (hands-on knowledge on a specific niche) or from your hobbies (for example fishing). It is most vital to list down skills or knowledge that you have and might be in demand elsewhere. For example, you love fly-fishing and you do it every day after work. You may build your Internet business upon this: writing an instructional guide on fly-fishing, teaching people how to do it, etc. Best of all, you do not need to spend money to acquire this knowledge: you already
have it.

So, the very first option, if you have no money to start off your online business, is to earn some capital using your already existing skills or knowledge. You can give tuition to students on your dominant subject in college, you can teach stuff about your hobby to people who are interested, you can write guides on knowledge or skills you picked up through experience and cannot be found in theoretical books.

Free 50 Articles W/PLR

Articles Index(Few):

 Affiliate Marketing Articles
• 6 Essential Things You Should Look For In An Affiliate Program
• 5 Important Steps To Success In Affiliate Marketing And Earning Huge Commissions

Web Traffic Articles
• 6 Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your website
• 5 Tips For Increasing Your Website Traffic On A Small Budget

Blogging Articles
• 4 Main Mistakes Which Bloggers Make And Which Stop Them From Making Money With Their Blogs
• Are You Blogging For Fun Or To Make Money

SEO Articles
• 5 Essential Steps To Web Site Search Engine Optimization
• 5 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization At Minimal Cost Plus much more…

Free - 1 Month To 1000 List Members

Start Your Business But Build It At The Same Time!

Learn how to build 1000 list members
In Less Than One Month!

These strategies for creating a mailing list of targeted buyers that will return to your site again and again can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Be The First Person On Your Street To Be Recession Proof As Your Loyal Consumers Return To Your Website Again And Again.

Pure 2X2 Matrix - Join Free

Join Free !!! Yes, thats correct! Even free members can use the Pure2x2 system and earn money from it.

Just joining gets you a position in the Activity Bonus Matrix with a 2x6 matrix.

Refer one new member and this grows to a 2x8.

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Matching Bonus Matrix position for every 2x2 you open.

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You can not do better that!


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An Incredible 2009 Solution!

Are You Ready to Explode Your Success in 2009?

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You are about to experience being in the...... right place at the right time!

If you haven't investigated EverythingForSuccess, then you are missing the most incredible collection of resources put onto one website that offers you EverythingForSuccess!

Here is a small list of features:

- Advanced Integrated Advertising System
- Personal Profile Marketing System
- Personal Lead Generating Website
- Advertising and Marketing Tips
- Audio and Personal Training
- Live Assistance and Help
- Online Audio Courses

If you need to learn how to do it better...
- Effective Advertising
- Building Power Downlines
- Increasing Revenue Streams
- Communicating and Motivating

... then you'll find all of the above features and more when you secure your MEMBERSHIP to the most incredible solution site that took years to build and we haven't stopped yet!

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Spirit Of Yoga DVD Special !!!

Discover Your Ability to Rejuvenate
Your Body, Mind and Spirit!
Launching “Spirit of Yoga in Sedona”- Now in DVD format!
“Spirit of Yoga In Sedona” Has Unique Features:
  • It is an inspirational program filmed outside in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona where 3 to 6 million tourists pass through every year.
  • The presentation has an artistic flair including animal and nature symbolism as well as magnificent sculptures by well-known Sedona sculpture John Soderburg.
  • There is soothing, relaxing background music by David Cosmo who is a paraplegic and does Yoga with the help of props.
  • Tania Bloch demonstrates Yoga poses, together with her sister Lana Bloch, who used Yoga in her recovery after a near-fatal car accident.
  • It is a 60 minute presentation which includes 30 Hatha Yoga poses, deep breathing and a 10 minute relaxation / visualization.  There are clear, concise instructions including the benefits of each pose.  
The Story Behind the Spirit…
Spirit of Yoga in Sedona has sentimental value for Tania and Lana, because there is a heartbreaking as well as uplifting story connected to it.  A few weeks after filming the video, Lana had a head-on-collision.  Her legs were crushed and it took two jaws-of-life to extract her from the vehicle.  After several surgeries, Lana lay on her back for many months.  While in recovery, she did Yoga breathing to help with the intense pain.  In addition, she watched the rough cut of the Yoga video which gave her inspiration and hope by helping her visualize walking and doing Yoga again.
Miraculously, six months later she was walking with crutches and the sisters decided to finish the project.  To the doctor’s surprise, Yoga and alternative therapies assisted Lana’s rehabilitation.  Besides Lana’s healing, Tania has had her own challenges dealing with stress and Yoga has been a wonderful form of stress-management. Ultimately, the sisters wanted to share Yoga with more people so they “too” can receive the positive benefits.  Many viewers who have used the Yoga video have amazing feedback and have asked for the DVD version.  Finally, it is now available in DVD format for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home!
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