How to Get Paid to Search on Yahoo!!

Get Paid to Search on Yahoo Get Paid to Search on Yahoo

How would you like to get paid every time you do a search on Yahoo? Yahoo now pays every time you do a search. Sometimes you search on Yahoo many times a day, you can now get paid every time you search for something on Yahoo whether it's a website, image, video, information or something else.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:

* Computer
* Internet
* Paypal

Copy and Paste this Link into your browser, if this is much easier you. If you preferred to click on the link, go down to step three, there you will know where to look for the link for the website to start earning money.
Use this link to Join & Get Paid to Search

Sign up into this Free service, it will take you step by step. You get paid through Paypal.
Create a paypal account or log in or donate money using below link:
Paypal Website

Follow the directions from the website. Start searching and start earning money.

That's it...

Still have doubts Read faq's.

Frequently asked questions
Q1:How much can I earn?!

A1:Well...,Honestly,its only £0.01 per search.You can't really ask for more for just searching.

(However,£0.01 is about $0.03 USD , one of the highest rate offered among PTS sites!!! Their revenue generated on bonafide searches are split with you 50/50. So if their revenue is high,it could reach £0.10 per search!!!)

Don't get disappointed,I know it won't be enough to buy the xbox you always dreamed of or the shoes you wanted, at least not in a few years.....
However, the more friends you invite,the more you earn! And they raise funds in the same way.

For example, if you refer just 10 friends to use a search box for themselves, they will earn funds from their searches as you do from yours.They share the funds raised 50/50 with you and your friends. What is great is they will pay you some of their 50% from your friends searches in return for you referring them! You can refer as many friends, family or colleagues as you want!

It gets even better! As you can imagine, your friends will want to refer their friends, so can you benefit from that? Yes! They will reward you for three 'levels' of friends. The same will apply to your friends. Everyone wins! Remember, the funds you earn from your friends searches do not come from yours or your friends 50%, but from Homepages 50% in reward for your referrals.
(Can't do the math? Don't worry,the site features a fun calculator to help calculate your future earnings!)

So introduce it to all your friends and family!!!
The more the merrier!!!

Q2:How will I receive payments?!

A2:Once you have registered,you can sign into your account and choose from three methods of payments:
-UK Bank
-International Bank Transfer(IBAN)
Payments are made every 30 to 45 days after each month end.For example,searches in January will be paid in mid March. There is a £20 minimum payment, so if you have not reached this amount in any month, payments will be held over to the next month.

Homepages Friends-Sign up!!!

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