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Click2Sell.EU is an innovative online affiliate marketing network portal which combines an online point of sale, transaction processing using integrated payment service providers and an affiliate network in one website. This Network is created by European company, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Postal address:
UAB Pharmservis
Ateities str. 77-27

Few words about Click2Sell Mission - we strive to provide both merchants and affiliates with the best online affiliate marketing experience possible. Click2Sell system was designed with the end-user in mind and aims to eliminate the drawbacks that other affiliate networks have. See the Companies Comparison page for details.

We are dedicated to success of our members. We believe that commitment to Your success is the only way for us to be successful, as our progress is based on your achievements. That is why, we take our time to understand your needs and requirements and do our best to meet them. Our system makes it easy and beneficial for both online sellers and marketers to take advantage of affiliate marketing.

If you want to Sell Products Online Click2Sell enables you to:

  • Put your product on Online marketplace to increase your sales with a help of affiliates
  • Sell Products Online - whether they are digital, material or subscription based.
  • Use your PayPal, Moneybookers,, Worldpay or Google Checkout account to receive payments instantly.
  • Accept multicurrency payments from buyers in USD, EUR or GBP.
  • Join built-in affiliate network to recruit an army of affiliates.
  • Forget about affiliate payment problem - we’ll do everything for you!
If you want to Promote Products Online and make money with our affiliate programs network you can:
  • Receive up to 95% of commissions
  • Promote unlimited number of products from one free account
  • Get paid automatically - no more troubles with it
  • Receive commissions straight to your PayPal or Moneybookers account
  • Be sure - no one can steal your commissions thanks to unique referral link system
  • Be protected - our members always get their earned commissions
Whether you‘re merchant or affiliate, you‘ll definitely like Click2Sell.EU, because it has:

* Intuitive to use, user-friendly interface
* Full freedom to sell or promote unlimited number of products
* Reliability and security for affiliates and merchants
* Powerful Reporting System
* Advanced Customer Support

Its Free2Join

FireBall Internet Marketing System

"Fireball Internet Marketing System!"

I have no words to describe/review about FireBall Internet Marketing System - you see there are many components, PLR's, ebooks, courses, templates monthly, mobile ebooks club, audio club, radio shows club, podcasting club, blogging club, article club, marketing club, resell rights club and many many more...

Starting is never hard !!! Very Very Dead Easy to start your Successful Internet Marketing Career....

Fireball Internet Marketing System was designed to be the fuel that catapults your Internet Marketing shuttle into the stratosphere!

That's how powerful this system is! In fact, take a second and imagine the following scenario:

Imagine yourself a year from now, waking up to the sound of mild music. No harsh buzzer demanding that you wake up right away.

No banging on the door by a well-intentioned family member who accuses you of sleeping in.

To you, there is no such thing as sleeping in. You roll over to glance at your alarm clock, your eyes registering the blinking time.

It's 10:00am... and you've got mail.

You slide out of your bed and into the chair in front of your computer. Your computer buzzes in its familiar beat as your email loads.

Although it has been a year since you started, time has not dulled the amazing thrill that is about to seize you. Your inbox is jammed, filled with Paypal notices.

Money. Tons of it. Oodles of it. Most of it while you slept!

Now snap out of it for a minute... if that little scenario even mildly resembled your dreams... then realize this:

It will remain a dream until you take action.

Once you take action. Look out!

The Fireball Internet Marketing System can't make the decisions for you... but it can give you the guidance, direction and power you need to make your actions meaningful.

"Ian, This Sounds Great But... Can I Afford It?"

I'm sure you must be asking this question, but please read on for just a moment.

When you become an exclusive member of Fireball Internet Marketing you're getting everything mentioned above...

You're getting ebooks and software! You're getting audio content, free memberships and free software! You're getting access to the mastermind forum and online trainings! You can be a super affiliate with 70% to 100% commissions!

Every single month...

And that's not even half of it!

All I've done is tell you how you're going to get you what you really want.

* Financial Freedom!
* Prosperity!
* Independence!
* Recognition!
* Stress-Free Living!

You understand what I'm getting at?

These things that you're getting with Fireball Internet Marketing are tools.

On their own, they mean nothing, but when fused with your desires, your needs... they become explosive!

I created these tools to help you reach your goals, and to make sure that they are always up to your standards...always evolving with your business, well...

Remember that one little box with Component 10+ in it?

That little box is holding the place of yet another component I intend to add in the future...

Actually, it's holding the place of over a dozen more components!

It's the unique set of tools that keeps on evolving and growing!

Why am I doing this? I know that my customers don't stand still. They don't sit around and wait, they're action-takers.

I believe in taking action. I believe in surpassing expectations. I believe in your ability to surpass your OWN expectations.

And I'm going to give you every single tool at my disposal to help you get there.

So, back to the question... your investment?

World's Of 1Shopping Cart provides you with a powerful and versatile shopping cart system loaded with all of the essential features you need to make your online venture a success!

I Started using 1Shopping Cart from last post onwards...check it once. Its really dead easy & automatic....

"If you expect to make any money on the Internet, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you automate as much as you can. goes way beyond what others are doing. It automates the entire process, not just the shopping cart but also affiliate program, autoresponder, tracking, popups, broadcast, etc.

As a result of combining all of this functionality from one vendor, you are able to do things you could never do without spending a fortune on software development. Their service is a bargain, no doubt. But it's real value is in its ability to automate your Internet business like no other company can."
- — Carl Galletti.

1Shopping Cart - About Us Page: eCommerce and eBusiness software solutions such as shopping carts and online marketing tools to small and large businesses across the world.

Our products enable small to mid-size companies to create, launch and market their online business all with one simple affordable solution. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses and succeed online.

Shopping Cart Software | Internet Marketing Tools | Merchant Accounts

Our core product offering is a shopping cart application that is currently in use by over 10,000 merchants.

Featured Clients | Case Studies | Rave Reviews

We also offer a series of powerful add-on components that is completely integrated with our shopping cart. Add-on components include unlimited autoresponders, list server, affiliate tracking, ad tracking, electronic coupon system, digital delivery system, web forms and several other powerful marketing tools.

Autoresponders | Affiliate Tracking Software | eBook Delivery Software is a privately-held corporation established in January 2000 with offices in both Canada and the United States of America. For more information about and our services ...

Alternative way's(FREE) to join 1Shopping Cart :
Become Affiliate Partner/ Reseller Partner / Private Label Partner

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Business Automation

Automation is an important part to any business. The less time you devote to doing small redundant tasks the more time you will have to devote to primary business activities, such as: product development, advertising, customer service, and list building. Or, you may want to have more time for enjoying other things in life other than working, so the more you automate your business the more time you will have available to spend on whatever you desire.

Putting an online business on autopilot is not very difficult and much of it can be done by simple using autoresponders to do many simple tasks for you. An autoresponder is a software program that you pay usage fees for, or that you buy and put on your own hosting account's server. It is a program that responds to email inquiries from other people with whatever you program it to send out. And it can also easily be programmed to send out email messages that you enter into it at whatever time you want. Therefore an autoresponder, abbreviated AR, can be used for many purposes to assist in handling business communication activities.

An AR can be used to promote your products or services and to get people to visit your website. Just type or copy and paste your sales or informational message into your AR and have it sent out to whoever you have entered into the AR. Then, when a person receives your message and visits your web site and makes a purchase you can have your AR setup to deliver another message to them. The message would thank them for their purchase and then deliver their product and receipt to them.

You may also program it to give your customers detailed instructions on how to go about obtaining their products and describing other products you have to offer that they may be also be interested in purchasing. In this way you have the ability to promote more products and possibly make more sales. You can also program your AR to send out follow-up messages a day or two after a purchase to ask customers if they are satisfied with their purchase. This assists in building strong customer relations and also gives you another opportunity to promote more products while saving your time.

It will also allow you to make more "back-end" sales by using follow up messages every few days. It is advisable to always include some meaningful and relevant information in your follow up messages so your messages do not appear to just be blatant sales messages, which most people do not generally like or appreciate. The beauty of all this is that you can be off doing something else while much of your business communication activities are being handled automatically by your AR.

Autoresponders are great for training and teaching purposes. Many college professors who teach correspondence courses set up their lessons in an AR and then send them to their students at specified times throughout the semester. And, because the courses being taught often do not vary much from semester to semester, or from year to year, the lessons can be set up one time and used over and over again with only minor adjustments being needed.

ARs are great for providing training lessons to all types of groups. For example, a 12 week training course can be written in advance and then scheduled for deliver when the time is appropriate. The lessons can even be set up to be delivered to different groups at different time intervals. ARs are great for keeping members of an organization informed of upcoming events, deadlines, and special offers or promotions.

Promoting products for sale is one of the most popular uses of autoresponders in online business. But when using an AR to promote your sales just realize that most potential customers do not like the direct "hard sale" approach and it has been documented that on an average a potential customer must hear from you at least 7 times before a sale is made. It is usually best to contact potential customers in the first 2 to 4 messages with valuable information that is interesting for them to read or use in their lives. It is good to give away something of interest and value and to thank them for subscribing to your email newsletter or ezine.

It has been said that the best way to entice sales is to build interest slowly and start with an informative message about something that interests your reader. And, when you do try to make a sale be sure to focus on a problem or solution that your product or service will help resolve for them. Gain their confidence by providing free information that is relevant, accurate, and informative for them.

All The Best !!!


Free FireBall AutoResponder - Lifelong Free

An autoresponder is an email program that automates your online communications so that you can actually be totally removed from the process once you have it set up.

There are two ways that an autoresponder is generally used. One way is with pre-written follow-up messages that go out to every new subscriber or customer at a pre-determined time. So if somebody opts in to your email list, they will receive a message that you programmed to go out after a specific time frame -- for instance, on day 30 -- exactly that many days after they signed up.

Fireball Autoresponder Features:

  • Unlimited autoresponders for your business. If you’ve got 5 products, set up 5 autoresponders. There’s nothing to stop you – no hassle and you don’t need to spend another dime.
  • Unlimited follow-up messages. Don’t let anyone tell you how many times you need to email your subscribers. You get to call the shots and that’s the end of it.
  • Absolutely NO-LIMIT put on the growth of your business. With Parabots, you can enjoy unlimited subscribers to your autoresponders and mailing lists.
  • The “I’m On Vacation” Message Scheduler. Plug in the date and time Sunday morning, leave for vacation that afternoon, and trust that your important message will start flying out Wednesday automatically. That’s “hands-free” service!
  • The Mad Scientist’s Link Tracker. If you need to know what strategies are working and what strategies stunk like a skunk, this bonus built-in ad tracker is your method to test, test, test for immediate, in-demand results.
  • The Name Branding Machine. Make your sales jump like a gazelle with this sophisticated yet simple tool that plugs in each subscribers name into your web pages. When John Doe visits a web site that reads “Dear John,” you’re one step closer to the sale. This advanced feature lets you do this for instantly and with little effort!
  • A Keyboard Free Sign Up Process. For people who fear typing and don’t want to fill out forms! Let people sign up for your autoresponder with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Our Opt-In Email Finder will track down their email address for them! Skipping this step will help you grow your lists even faster.
  • Your Own Personal (Autoresponder) Maid: Have this virtual assistant automatically take one subscriber off one list when he or she subscribes to another – making sure you’re not sending the same message to them twice. And say goodbye to old, abandoned, resource draining email addresses that are bouncing back to you each week. These worthless email addresses are automatically removed from all lists at your request.
Absolutely Free Fireball AutoResponder for lifelong.

AutoResponders - Must For All

Autoresponders are excellent promotional tools, essential for Internet business. Some call them by the technical term; while others say automatic eMailer, eMail responder, autobot or mailbot. Whatever you call them the important thing is that they automatically respond to incoming messages, hence the name, and they do so without human intervention.

Autoresponders are great time-savers and you can use them for a variety of tasks. They never take a break, work 24/7 all year for no extra pay and hardly ever check in sick (providing you use reliable suppliers). Autoresponders never query the task you set them and they follow your instructions to the letter. You will notice the plural being used, so you can see that more than one autoresponder is usually required.

With the Internet constantly growing, and new users coming online daily, you have a truly international marketplace at your disposal. Competition is fierce, especially in certain markets. Many thousands of companies are already competing for business so you must do whatever it takes to give you an edge. The last thing you want is to gain that edge, attract hundreds of visitors daily, and then fail to capitalize on the advantage you worked hard to gain.

All the companies and experienced marketers know that getting visitors is only the first step in business. What comes next is conversion or turning those visitors into customers. They know they won't convert all their visitors to customers, and they also know, or soon learn, that few visitors buy anything on their first visit. It's commonly stated that it takes an average of 5 to 7 visits before a visitor will make a purchase. The key to your success on the Internet lies in bringing those visitors back for further visits until they buy.

And that's where autoresponders fit in. Successful businesses know they must bring potential customers back, and the best way to bring them back, achieving a good conversion rate at the same time, is by using autoresponders. You do this by offering your visitors something as an incentive to return. The offer can be for additional information in keeping with site content maybe a free eBook or a free report.

If your website has lots of really useful content, and/or you produce a regular newsletter, your offer can be for free notifications of website updates or a free subscription. Anything of quality will do as long as it's on the same subject they came looking for, or closely related to it. Set up an autoresponder and it will generate a code for you to put a form on your website. Place the form beside or beneath the offer and interested visitors can fill in their name and eMail address.

You will need to write a generic response to the subscriber's request and load it into your autoresponder. As soon as someone fills in your form and hits the 'Submit' button their message goes to your autoresponder and your message goes back to them right away. This will show you're serious about serving the customer and give them the feeling of personal service. Personal service on a scale a single person would be unable to provide to thousands of customers, clients and enquirers.

Customer service is a major key to business success and autoresponders provide that service better than humans. They do exactly what you tell them and what the client asks. You can purchase or license scripts to install and run from your website, programmed to run on servers, or pay for the services of one of the many autoresponder providers.

Your main objective is to make sales but your first priority should be to provide useful information and to capture as many names and eMail addresses as possible. Put faithful autoresponders to work for you, establishing a sense of trust in your visitors, and the sales will follow. Your autoresponders will help keep your customers and leads happy and up to date on your business, feeling special because you're sharing and taking care of them.

Autoresponders, used correctly, can be the pulse of your business. It's a good idea to ask someone you trust to recommend a good supplier rather than choosing a supplier at random from the search engines.

Recommended AutoResponders:

FireBall Autoresponder



Rags To Dot Com Riches - Launching Tomorrow

I understand how frustrating it can be when it comes to building your own online business. Not sure of what to do, where to start, or even whether working online is something you will be able to be successful with, it's easy to see why so many entrepreneurs give up on their dreams of making money online.

And then there's the "self sabotaging" factors that even the wealthiest online marketer struggles with.

Not being able to stay focused on one project, fumbling around with a dozen different ideas that you believe might make money and discovering, months later, that you haven't even managed to finish ONE of these potential 'gold mine projects".

I know, I've been there.. there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than knowing that you have the potential to be successful, but being held back simply because you just don't know how to make your dream a reality.

But there's something you need to know:

“Discover Exactly How To Set Up Your
Own Online Business In 48 Hours Or Less!"

These are the short-cut methods of the online gurus..

It's time to take a different approach. You need a clear-cut guide that will show you the ropes and lead you from A to Z without any confusion, or requiring you to invest in a dozen products or guides just to get to the truth.

This blueprint will do that for you.

Whether you have never been successful before, there is absolutely no reason why you can't build a solid, profitable online business of your own just by following my simple action plan. It's worked for countless others, regardless of experience, location or personal skills.. if you're hungry for success, and you are sick of spending your life working for someone else, you have what it takes to be successful.

There's a huge factor separating those who are successful online and those who aren't, and it doesn't come down to brains or beauty.. In truth, the hungrier you are to experience what it's like to be financially free from ever relying on anyone or anything again will be the powerful force behind your success.

Do you want it badly enough?

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342 Killer Headlines - Only for $2

Inside this report, you'll find no less than 342 killer headlines you can copy & customize to advertise ANY business.

All you need to do to create a sales boosting headline, is decide which one
you're going to use, and fill in the blanks with words that fit your biz. That's it.
Nothing to it.

To make it even easier for you to make these headlines fit your site niche, We provided - next to the basic, fill-in-the-blanks headlines – a ready-to-go example.

This way you get an idea of what your headline will look like.

This entire system is so simple, it doesn't need any more introduction. Just go for it, and start creating headlines like you never did before!

Order Now & Get Below Bonuses Absolutely Free Of Cost

AdFactoryPro Free Toolbar :
With The AFP Toolbar, you can not only create professional ads right on the spot, you'll also have direct access to some very useful tools and resources.

An Introduction To The Online Selling Game
Free Rebrandable ebook


Never Send Your Visitors Offsite Again!

I.M. From A To Z

Internet Marketing Glossary !! No signup needed

Stopping Snoopers (chapter taken from the 'Squash Digital Thieves' report)

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how to pull people in...

Did you know that your sub headline serves as a hook to make your readers continue reading?

The sub headline goes on to explore other benefits for your reader to continue reading which are not shared in the headline.

It helps to pull people in.

The sub headline is generally smaller than the headline in font size (by 1), and is often differently colored, too.

Black is a matching color for the sub headline.

In short, you want to make your prospects feel that they owe it to themselves to read every line of your letter.

What do you think of these tips so far? are you putting any of the into practice?

Have you noticed that they're only minimum changes?

Sometimes it's the smallest changes to a website that can have the biggest possible impact.

Would you like to discover how to create a website thats so mezmerizing, it compels visitors to buy what you're selling ... and convert 5%, 10% ... even 20% or more of your website visitors into customers...

Regardless of how well you can or can't write copy?

Here's how you can do it...

If you have any questions at all ...just let me know.

Real Truth About Niche Marketing

Check this out... *controversial* F.R.E.E.

34 page report reveals:

1... how to profit from niche marketing

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New WordPress Plug-In Transforms Traffic Into Red-Hot Subscribers

Here's an awesome WordPress blog tip that gives you a proven method of getting all the subscribers you want without spending an extra dime on blog traffic

(this will blow you away)...

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1. Use an unblockable popup window that shows your blog visitor a "micro" squeeze page when they go to leave...

2. Make sure your first email asks your new subscribers how you can help them...

3. Send your new subscribers a 60/40 split of content and offers at least 4 times a week (or more!)...

I learned this awesome trick when I first started blogging and it works for me, every time...

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Optimize Your Video


good news No theory or fluff is in this package.
What you see below are a small fraction of the chapters and just a few of the over 100 episodes you will find in the "Optimize Your Video 2.0" membership:

sneak peak

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Greatest Web Video Effect

I will show you how to simulate the effect also but more importantly:

I will actually show you how to make videos with completely transparent backgrounds that you can literally pop up on, embed in, place on top of, or layer over any part of your web page.

I will also show you how to embed video in transparent pop-in's that you can place in your page with a variety of effects and controls including the very effective scroll follow feature that keeps your video in front of your prospect as they scroll through your web site

The truth is that there are literally hundreds of video and web production companies that charge thousands of dollars to provide these services.

So if others are so obsessed with this effect that they are willing to pay thousands just to have it done for them...

...what is it worth to you to find out how you can quickly and easily create this effect for your self or clients as often as you want?

Here are a few of the things you will discover:

* Three snippets of code to copy and paste into your web page. that make flash video alpha channels transparent (like the effect at the top of this page)

* Step by Step Video showing you how to edit, save, and convert, and embed alpha channels (transparent video effect) in your flash videos.

* Step by Step Video on How to create invisible unblockable, cross browser compatible pop-ins that you can embed transparent videos in with a number of different effects including drop in, slide in, bounce, fade in, and best of all scroll follow so that your video is always in front of your prospect! Plus a secret line of code you need to make invisible pop-ins with transparent video effects work.

* Step by Step Video on How to build pro soft box lamps, lighting arrays, lamp stands, frameworks all using parts from local hardware and home improvement stores on a shoestring budget. Video examples and step by step instructions that will literally save you hundreds of dollars on professional lighting.

* Tips, instructions and diagrams on how to properly light video... I actually had a professional video producer who has worked for CNN, PBS, BBC, and the Discovery Channel write a special report on lighting specially for this package... you can see a sample video he produced for me at my new site: nc

* How to build chromakey sets the right way for special effects and full body walk in videos using nothing more than inexpensive parts from the hardware store with, paint, paper, or fabric.

* Three essential things you must consider before purchasing a video camera. If you know these things it could save you from wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying the wrong camera.

* Microphones and other accessories... where to find the best deals and how to decide what you need. I have literally saved thousands with these tips and you can too.

* Plus... you will get exclusive access to updates, tips, tricks, and freebies via the members only newsletter.

Powerful Transparent Player

Transparent player is one of the most powerful direct response web site video players on the net. It is compatible with the latest version of flashplayer and playback of .flv videos as well as h.264 encoded video formats such as .mov and .mp4 .

The player is fully optimized for the fastest possible load times, the fastest playback, and the best loading, caching and playback behaviors. These features can save you unnecessary bandwidth costs and create the best experience for your web site visitors!

The player also supports playback of transparent flv alpha channel videos and many other features making it the internet's most powerful and optimized direct response web site video player.

Just Released! Version 2.0 with new features including:

  • New! h.264 and flashplayer 9+ video formats playback support!
  • New! Stream .mov .mp4 and .flv format videos in one player!
  • New! Clickable video feature for "click me" type videos
  • New! Redirect web page in same or new window at end of play
  • New! Wordpress blog and Joomla compatible!
  • New! Code perfect for use with rebrandable embedded affiliate videos
  • New! Use any Web 2.0 start button style image you want!
  • See a full list of other amazing features and demos below!
The transparent player is also a traditional web site video player offering some very powerful non traditional features...

...and it can do many incredible things no other commercially offered video player in the world can do including:

Trigger unblockable pop ups with opt-in form after a video plays.
  • Auto Scroll visitors from video to video and location to location.
  • Cookie a visitor to stop a video from playing again during later visits.
  • Trigger video to play from any linked images or text.
  • And of course... much much more!

JV Affiliate Manager

Dear Friend,

What if I told you that you could skyrocket your traffic, produce more sales than you ever thought possible, all with little work and NO out of pocket expense!

Would that excite you?

There is an incredibly powerful marketing tactics that can truly provide that sort of scenario for anybody wanting it.

What am I talking about? Joint Ventures!

Joint venture marketing has been, and always will be one of the most powerful marketing tactics ever, and for good reason. They are easy to set up, and they cost you nothing.

Anybody can start using joint ventures to skyrocket their profits. It doesn’t matter what, you sell, or where you sell it. Joint venture marketing is for you!

JV Affiliate Manager – Powerful JV Management Software!

JV Affiliate Manager is a software program that is installed on your server. It will track and manage all of your joint ventures for you without you lifting a finger.

Now you don’t have to go it alone. JV Affiliate Manager will automate virtually all aspects of managing your joint venture partners.

It’d be crazy to try and do it manually. This new software will free up time so you can do more profitable things.
Here are just a few key features:

* No text files to edit
* Full admin area to keep track of all of your JV partners
* Full tracking of hits, sales, referral URLs, etc. for your JV partners in the JV area
* Ad tracking technology for your JV partners to use
* Can run on two tiers
* Can integrate with any payment processor for sales tracking.
* Paypal and Stormpay split-pay instant commission technology
* Everything (emails, JV area HTML, etc..) can be edited by the admin
* And much more…

JV Affiliate Manager is specifically built to give you a winning edge in the Internet business.

Using this software will free up time for you to focus on making money, and it will make your joint venture partners feel safe and secure knowing that they are being taken care of.

Set Up JV Affiliate Manager, Sit Back And Watch Your Business Grow!

Once you have JV Affiliate Manager setup and running your joint venture campaigns, you not longer have to do the agonizing legwork, and time consuming tasks of setting up pages for your JV partners, or tracking any visitors and sales.

Let JV Affiliate Manager take your business to the next level.
So how much is it?

Okay, are you ready for this shock? I am about to do something unheard of for a such powerful software program. You can get your hands on JV Affiliate Manager and set it up within 2 minutes from now for only $3. Yes, you read that right! I am doing a special marketing test and currently the price is incredibly low. So for $3 you can have the program, set it up, and start automating your most powerful marketing tactic today!

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Lead Capture Page Generator

Dear Marketer,

You know one of the biggest keys to having a successful internet marketing career is to have a list. Well you may ask what’s the best way to build a responsive list. The answer is simple, Giveaways…. YOU MAY BE SAYING TO YOURSELF how will a giveaway make me successful.

It works like this you ask someone to give you their name and email address they click submit and verify their email address then they get directed to a download page after successful verification, you get their email address added to your list they get your free offer to download.

The newest tool on the market to make all this as simple as 123 is LEAD CAPTURE PAGE GENERATOR.

Some powerful Features of Lead Capture Page Generator are:

  • Choose from any of the 10 included FLASH templates
  • Add up to 6 fields of information to collect from user
  • Set your download page URL
  • Edit your emails that are sent to users
  • Download email address from individual lead pages to CSV format
  • View signups and leads captured
  • Edit form fields on the fly after you have created lead pages.
  • Delete lead pages….
  • Grab code to put lead capture pages on ANY WEBSITE without the scripts being hosted there this allows you to manage all from one central location
  • And much much more

Grab this great tool for only $5.00
and get instant download upon purchase….

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Paydotcom - Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net

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