Aweber Announces Changes In Its Affiliate Program

Recently Aweber announced few changes in their affiliate program. They have added many new features and some of them are very welcome.

This change has been based on a recent survey conducted by Aweber and includes

All commissions will be raised to 30%.

Aweber has raised the commission it used to pay its affiliates. This includes existing 1st tier commissions of 20%.This means more money from your sales efforts.

Second tier commissions are being phased out

I do not like this one. You get hit badly if you are making a good money from your sub affiliate sales. apparently this has been done to meet Paypal’s terms of service and enable paying of affiliates via Paypal.

One Year Cookie

Your affiliate cookie will be a 1 year, first visit cookie. This seems to be too much as people are whining over it.

This again is great move. No more checks in the boxes. Paypal would handle it now. All affiliates will be paid once a month, on the first of every month.

Minimum Payout

Minimum check payout will be $30.00 for US affiliates and $50.00 for affiliates not based in the US. I do not think there is much change here.

There are certain good fearures

What do you say?

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