The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet

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"The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business
on the Internet -- VERSION 2008

By Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center

I've just finished reading the step-by-step guide considered by many to be the Internet marketing BIBLE -- "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet VERSION 2008"...

... And I have to tell you I'm completely blown away by the sheer volume of money-making information Derek Gehl has managed to pack in!

"Insider Secrets" reveals the *exact* step-by-step formula the Internet Marketing Center (of which Derek is the CEO) has used to grow a $25 investment to over $60,000,000 in online sales.

And it's hot off the presses after being updated for 2008 with the very latest cutting-edge strategies for profiting online!

This brand-new Course is a staggering 900 pages of high quality proven content
and now includes a ton of new video training!

Here’s the 2008 Course Outline:

Step #1. Find Your Niche Market
Step #2. Set Up Your Business To Sell The Right Solution
Step #3. Write Compelling Salescopy That Turns Visitors Into Buyers
Step #4. Design A Website That Compels Visitors To Take Action
Step #5. Use An Opt-In Form To Collect Leads And Build Customer Relationships
Step #6. Drive Visitors To Your Website And Start Making Sales
Step #7. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Get Traffic Fast
Step #8. Attract Free Traffic By Optimizing For The Major Search Engines
Step #9. Use Email Marketing To Build Customer Relationships And Make More Sales
Step #10. Harness The Power Of Affiliate Programs For More Traffic And Sales
Step #11. Test, Track, And Optimize Your Marketing For Maximum Results
Step #12. Add New Revenue Streams To Grow Your Profits

Bonus Book - Use New Media And "Web 2.0" To Make Your Online Business Social
DISC 1: Video - Find a Profitable Niche Market
DISC 2: Video - Write Salescopy that Compels Visitors to Take Action
DISC 3: Create a Winning Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign
DISC 4: Video - Optimize Your Website for Top Search Engine Results
DISC 5: Rolodex and Swipe Files
DISC 6: 7 Case Studies and 3 Website Reviews/Makeovers

And the cool part is that you can take this step-by-step blueprint to online profits out for a test drive RISK FREE!

To find out how, click here now...

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