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If you're like me and you have your own product that you want to promote, you'll know it's not so easy to write a compelling sales letter that converts prospects to customers. Getting sales is hard work.

But one sure way of increasing your sales is to leverage the traffic from your affiliates. It's a proven strategy that works to make many business owners successful.

Now the next problem to solve is how to attract affiliates to join your program and also how to convert prospects...

Here's the solution:

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This new software application gives your affiliates a powerful edge over the competition and will attract them in droves. Why? Because it's like a secret weapon...

You won't believe what this software can do for your sales. It's incredible and it truly works to make higher conversions.

Imagine being able to make ANY of your products a trial version? What this means is that you set the time limit of the trial and the person using the product will need to buy it once the trial expires to continue using it. That's just one positive aspect of this surefire marketing technique.

Another is that you can let your affiliates brand your trial products with their affiliate ID. Just think how many other programs offer this kind of tool... Can't think of any? That's right!

It really does create a competitive edge that your affiliates will simply love. They'll be more than happy to give away a trial version to prospects.

Look again:

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Consider the trial version of your product as a marketing salesperson, because it does the marketing for you and you make dramatic savings on your marketing costs.

But we realize there's more to running an affiliate program than giving away trial versions of products. If you're quick and you buy our new product today, you'll receive valuable bonuses to help with your success:

- "Your Never-Ending Supply of Buying Customers" takes you through the inner workings of a top affiliate program.

- "JVs In The Real World" shows you how to approach and recruit new JV partners to help build your business quickly.

- "Advanced Pricing Strategies" gives you 49 pages of success strategies used by expert internet marketers.

With these valuable resources, you'll have everything you need to blast your business to a higher level of success in no time.

And you won't believe just how affordable we've made this package.

You can't afford not to get the competitive edge for your business and attract new prospects quickly and easily. It's within your reach to skyrocket your sales by using our strategies combined with our software to generate higher profits.

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