Video Magnetism

“Discover The Video Secrets to Grow Your Business, Build a Massive Following, Improve Your Online Visibility, and Make More Money!”

Learn The Law of "Video" Attraction During This Webinar Series and receive Hands-on Interactive Coaching during 3 LIVE Webinars. You Will Learn the Strategies of Simple & Low-Cost Video to Achieve Virtual Celebrity Status & Increased Credibility...

Does This Apply to You:

    • You KNOW Video is Important, but You're Not Sure Where To Start

    • You're Overwhelmed With Technology & Just Need Someone To Walk You Through It

    • You Don't Clearly See the Connection Between Video Visibility & Increased Leads, Connections & Sales

    • You see the value in video, but don’t have any time to script, shoot, edit, format, etc

    • You KNOW there must be a formula for WHAT to shoot, but need some action-able direction

    • You are nervous because being on camera intimidates you

    • You've started mastering the basics of video, but want access to quick and easy training to gain mastery.

    • You've been procrastinating and need a coach (or TWO) to keep you accountable for GETTING IT DONE!

    • You are burned out on 'other' video programs that are charging thousands of dollars for this same information, without the personal interaction.

Do You Want To Integrate Video Like We Have?

In this hands-on training you will learn:

  • What the best equipment & technology is for you!
  • Lighting? What does that matter?
  • How to generate quality leads for your product or service using video!
  • What to shoot! What your audience wants!
  • Story-telling and the power of location!
  • Where to put your videos for maximize exposure and traffic.
  • How to generate ENDLESS video content!
  • How to drive traffic & prospects to your website
  • How to sell your products with Video
  • And much more!!!


Annie responded on Saturday, May 23, 2009 4:17:00 PM #

By using the law of attraction, making money is easy!

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