CII Manuscript

Discover a fascinating series of secret marketing experiments that reveal the easiest methods to increase your online sales by 412% or more!

Internet Marketing Genius Mark Joyner's unique discoveries have already astounded the internet marketing community and his methods have set precedent for years to come. Now you can own Mark Joyner's best selling book "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript" for a very low price. Act now and receive two online videos featuring Mark Joyner not being sold anywhere else.

Mark Joyner's CII Manuscript

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript is the product of years of experience coming from an expert who revolutionized the internet marketing industry with some of the most popular sites in the world, created a multi-million dollar empire and became an #1 best seller with his book in just 48 hours.

The easy-to-use ideas in this 50 page report (Incredible Ebook) are based on scientifically verified marketing tests conducted by statisticians and marketing analysts hired by Mark.

These aren't just theories and guesses - these are specific methods you can do right now that will increase your sales. And each of these techniques has been scientifically proven.

The manuscript reveals the results of years or research conducted at Mark's company and exposes the simple techniques and marketing strategies that were used to dramatically increase Internet sales.

What is included in this 50 page most powerful report(Ebook):

* Mark's Unique Market Testing Method

Learn exactly how Mark conducts market tests on the Internet. Learn why almost all the testing on the Internet is producing worthless results and how Mark has been able to reproduce his results over and over again.

* Specific Response Increasing Tools

Find out the simple methods Mark has used to increase the sales rate for his offers by 412% or more, including:

- Which day of the week is best for sending your emails? (The results will surprise you! Mark conducted detailed testing to answer this question once and for all.)

- Little order form tricks you can implement in minutes that will increase sales dramatically. One of these ideas can be put into action in less than 5 minutes and will increase your sales by 32% or more. How much will this be worth to you over time?

- The exact formula Mark uses to get outrageous response to his email offers. We break it down for you precisely and show you how to apply it to your own emails. One of these ideas can easily increase your sales by over 400%.

- And more ...

* Survey Data about Internet Buying Behavior

Part of this information was collected using an extensive survey of thousands of netizens. Discover insights into their buying behavior that will shock you.

* Much More ...

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