Should you Ping your blog?
If you have a blog or thinking about starting one you are probably wondering how to get readers to find and read your stories. There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog and create new readers. You can use social network sites to help link to your blog, posting and commenting on other blogs with links to your blog and then there is pinging. Pinging your blog is simply a method by which you alert multiple websites that you have new content and to come crawl your blog.

A ping is a way of notifying the major search engines to make them know that the blog that you have created has had a recent update. You are basically calling up the major search engines and letting them know that you have new fresh content. And people love to find sites through search engines and search engines love new content so you have a win win.

You can ping your blog by making a bookmark or placing an entry into one or the sites for blogging: examples include Technorati,, Furl, Flickr, and Blinklist or the newest entry

Many of the sites that allow you to submit your site may limit you to just a few sites. With they currently have 91 sites as of this writing that once you type in your title and URL and click submit your site will sent into ping heaven. We just had the chance to try it out and it works great and very easy even for the novice blogger to get their site noticed.

The other cool feature that they have is that once you submit your blog you show up on their front page which is another link that could be quite helpful. Once this site gets noticed it will skyrocket in popularity and having your blog on the front page could mean even more traffic. Now keep in mind that only a certain amout of blogs are kept on the front page so if there are a lot of submissions you site may get bumped off. You can certainly go back and resubmit but be careful not to do this very often as some sites may blacklist your blog if you they feel you are trying to spam their site.

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