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7 Great Ways To Pitch Your Products & Electrify Response

Dear Business Builder,

I'm sure you'll agree that sometimes it gets hard to come up with new ideas or 'reasons why' your customers should buy something from you...

... Off course you know your product is going to help them, but simply banging them over the head about it doesn't always work like it should :)

We both know the 'hard sell' is often a huge turn off - It makes people uneasy when they deal with you (think used car salesman and you're heading down the right lines)...

So as smart marketers we know how important it really is to create attention grabbing offers - Something that will catch the readers eye, grab and hold their attention, and ultimately, motivate them to order now!

Ideally a successful offer should:

a) Highlight your product to your readers (grab their ATTENTION!)

b) Give them a rock solid reason why they should take action and order right away... (because we both know that procrastination leads to "no sale" right)

c) and of course it's even better if you can make your offers fun and interesting (because that transforms the whole buying process into something someone would actually enjoy - right?)

And that's why we're both here right now…

Renowned copywriter and marketeer Simon Hodgkinson has compiled 7 absolute, killer 'offer' strategies you can use to ramp up your sales, grab your readers attention & make things fun!

These are the tactics you'll soon discover inside my special report:

The 'High Stakes' Gamble

This one should pretty much appeal to most people (but especially entrepreneurs and those who are prepared to take on a little risk) - Use this and you'll be adding bags of excitement into your offers!

"The Unthinkable"
Okay this one needs a little advance planning… (And perhaps a little shift in your way of thinking) - And I'm sure some people will question my sanity.  However I know this works like crazy because I've used it on a number of occasions with simply incredible results.

"The Power Of The Box"
Sorry I can't lay claim to this one myself - I actually picked it up from one of the World's greatest living marketers a couple of years back when I had the good fortune to meet him face to face (no names sorry) - Anyway at the time I thought nothing about this technique, I didn't spot it, yet it worked like crazy on me (yep it's a good one that'll fly right under the radar of most of your customers too and it's incredibly powerful)

"Hey Lend A Hand"
This strategy really works like machine gun fire - Most people find it almost impossible to resist because of the clever psychology behind it. If you have a email list then just try this today and see for yourself how powerful it is. Just give it a twist and it'll work in any niche too.

"The Celebrity"
Ask any psychologist and they'll tell you that most people want or need 'recognition' in some way shape or form - And that's why this strategy works so well. We're going to take a little from the "Hey Lend A Hand" strategy then mould it into an even more fiendish and powerful plan.  Almost impossible to resist!

"The Quiz"
Really this one is so profitable I feel almost reluctant to share it here - I've used this at least three or four times over the last couple of years and it's resulted in more than $30K - $40K in extra sales. The beauty is you can use this offer to promote your own products and even to promote other people's products

“The Secret Back Door”
This offer strategy used wisely will generate floods of new orders and it’s great for revitalising sales of older products.  You could quite easily run ‘The Secret Back Door’ on a regular basis - It’s very cool and it’ll keep your readers eager and ready to open your next email.


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