Giving a Sincere Compliment

There is just a feeling of satisfaction that comes with brightening someone else's day. There are so many different ways to make someone smile, but one of the easiest ways is to simply give a compliment. We should all strive to give other's credit where credit is due each and every day.

Giving a compliment, in its most basic form, means acknowledging someone else's efforts and expressing gratitude for their contribution. Compliments can come in many forms. An expression of thanks could be a form of a compliment. Writing a letter expressing feelings of appreciation is a great way to offer compliments as well. One could even give a simple compliment based on platonic things like another's physical appearance. The trick to giving a compliment is to make it sincere, give them at the appropriate time and to not "overdo" it.

The art of giving a sincere compliment is really very simple to adopt. Only say what you genuinely mean. If you legitimately like the work that someone has done on a professional piece or if you honestly think someone looks attractive in what they are wearing—let them know! When it all comes down to it, the majority of people feel a little insecure and truly appreciate the validation of others. Whether you just tell someone his or her eyes are pretty, or that they gave a great presentation, you can have a positive impact on someone else's life. Being sincere means speaking from the heart, but do not forget that compliments are mean to build other's self esteems. So remember the counsel from Bambi, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say nothing at all." Make it sincere, but only say it if it will make the recipient feel good about themselves. If it does not make them feel good, then it's not a compliment. And if you don't really believe what you say, then it is not sincere.

Have you ever known someone who likes to compliment others in front of a crowd? I think we have all witnessed a child who makes an effort to share with their playmates only when parents are around and as soon as there is no adult
supervision, they turn back to their selfish ways. Unfortunately, adults have been known for doing this same thing in public. They will compliment their coworkers in front of their boss so they look kind or like their approval is important to others. In reality, compliments should be given in private conversation. Of course, there are moments when public recognition for a job well-done is necessary, but small, every day compliments should be given in private and not in public so that the recipient is not forced to wonder the intent of the compliment. In other words, they should not ask themselves, "Did he/she really mean that or were they saying that so they could look nice in front of everyone else?"

I remember attending a summer camp when I was 16-years-old. I was sitting at a table for lunch full of attractive females when a young man swaggered by. He stopped at our table and singled out one of the girls in an effort to give her a compliment. We all listened closely, being the nosey teenagers that we were. "Veronica, seriously, your hair looks so awesome today, I love it when you wear it straight," he said. By this point we were all a little jealous. Being a very polite and modest girl, she quietly thanked him and left. When he left, she proceeded to tell us that he gives her compliments like that on a daily basis. Compliments that really do not do anything for her self-esteem because she has seen him give the same compliment to a dozen other girls, and tomorrow he'll tell her he loves her hair when it's curly. She was just feeling harassed by his hollow compliments.

Giving a genuine compliment is one of the kindest ways to  lift someone's spirits. You never know what kind of day someone is having and what sort of impact your few words could have on their outlook. What if we all made an effort to give three sincere compliments each day? Not only could you strengthen the relationships with those you love most, but you could actually make the world a happier place, full of people who feel appreciated.

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