Give a Personal Gift

Whether you are buying a gift for the holidays, a wedding, a baby-shower or birthday, it is sometimes tempting to simply buy Target or Walmart gift cards for your family members and friends. It is just so easy and honestly, we know that grocery gift cards will always be redeemed. While gift cards to grocery stores are usually appreciated, there is not nearly as much thought behind them, nor is the recipient as likely to recall your gift as a sincere, heart-felt one. Before you give your next present, take some time to really think about who you are bestowing a gift upon and ask yourself what you could give them that would truly touch their heart.

According to Leslie Buer, home-grown Texan, mother of four darling children and wife of a stellar husband, "The main reason why I think it is important to give personalized gifts is because it shows the recipient you truly care and are happy for them and what they are going through." Leslie has been known among her family and friends for giving the most considerate bridal and baby shower gifts. She has more than 50 cousins who all describe Leslie as one of the most thoughtful gift givers. Many have jokingly said they look forward to getting married or having a baby just so they can get a custom, specialized gift from Leslie.

When it comes to wedding gifts, there are many types of presents you can give and add a personal touch. Sometimes, you might feel hesitant to buy or make a gift that is not listed on the couple's wedding registry, however it is important to remember that newlyweds are truly "new" at picking out items for their first house. They would usually prefer to receive a unique gift, hand-chosen just for them by an understanding, thoughtful family member or friend. Whenever a member of Leslie's extended family gets married, she embroiders custom towels or blankets with information about their special day. She always makes it a point to use fabric that matches the colors of items contained within the couple's registry. This ensures that the couple can properly use her gift or display it in whatever room the gift was intended to coordinate with. These are the sorts of gifts that couples will cherish throughout their marriage. You can be sure they will never forget who the attentive gift-giver was.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to give for birthday gifts. Whether the person is a little boy or girl, teenager, young adult or adult, picking out a custom gift can truly take some serious contemplation. When you know that a friend's birthday is approaching, try to think about their personality and what types of gifts could either fit in with their lifestyle or help them in a particular area they are struggling in. "A good friend of mine just had a birthday," Leslie said. Leslie's friend had a habit of occasionally forgetting events or the days when her kids had early dismissal at school. "I gave her a calendar for her birthday," she said, "But before I gave this calendar to her, I went through and marked all the school holidays, soccer practices, church events, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and such for her family." Giving this type of gift requires truly knowing your friend. Leslie knew her friend well enough to recall the birthdays of her friend's family members. This is a perfect example of true friendship and the type of birthday gift that will always be treasured.

It can definitely be a challenge to think of gifts catered to an individual's needs. Giving cash or a gift card can be so much easier and less time consuming, but it is so much greater to sit and deeply ponder about whom the gift is for. As you tug at your brain and try to come up with a creative gift, your thoughts are turned to great memories you have of a particular person. Recalling these memories may trigger thoughts that will lead you down the road of what gift is "just right" for them. It's a hard but heart-warming and rewarding process for both the giver and receiver. Just imagine their eyes as your friend opens your gift. You can know your gift will truly stick out to them as one of sincere thoughtfulness. 

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