111,107 articles for only $1

Amazing Deal!

111,107 articles
For only ONE Dollar!

No Sales Pitch Here!

If the offer of 111,107 articles for $1 dollar does not say it all, then I have nothing else to say!

For $1 Dollar!

You get all the articles for your personal use.

  • Post them on your blog.
  • Create special reports and use the reports as list builders.
  • Compile some of the articles, create an ebook and sell it or give it awat.
  • Add value by transforming the articles to mp3 files and sell both the text & the audio files.
  • Create a list and offer 1 articles per day for the next 111,107 days!!!

The Sky Is The Limit on what you can do with 111,107 articles!

The ONLY 1 limitation is that you can NOT just give them away for free and you cannot sell them. You need to USE THEM - again: USE them and NOT sell them. You do not get resale rights.

Well... it's only $1 dollar anyway:)

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