Review of: AdWatchers !!!

The Final Pay-Per-Click Ad Spying Solution?

Review of: AdWatchers
Reviewed by: fastpayouts

If you’ve been keeping-up with the top internet marketing big product launches, then you’ve likely heard the names, “Xray Domination,” “Google Cash Detective,” and “Undercover Profits.”

These tools went for as much as ,500.00 or 0.00 a month and sold-out.

The reason is because they allow pay-per-click advertisers to uncover what keywords, ads, and products are either losing money or making money.

You can then take this information to immediately turn a profit, instead of spending weeks or months testing, tracking, and tweaking.

AdWatchers is the latest “Ad Spying” tool released by Rod Beckwith (publisher of tools, such as Adword Generator, Misspelled Keywords, CB Accountant, Software Defender, and Press Equalizer).

AdWatchers has several features that separate it from other tools. These include:

· It’s a complete web-based solution. This means you don’t have to install anything or deal with any technical hassles. Since these types of programs are major resource hogs, this is a huge advantage for those who not the most tech-savvy marketers. A lot of web hosts have been known to disable accounts that suck-up too many resources.

· It monitors an enormous 3,000 keywords at any one time and stores unlimited inactive ones. If you were to install an Ad Spying program on your standard shared hosting plan, you might be able to monitor enough keywords for 1 small campaign.

· It has a built-in directory of pre-researched keywords. You can then input these into your account and get instant access to valuable information. This is invaluable for spotting trends and getting ideas quick. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to gather data before you can take advantage of AdWatchers.

Finally, to top is all off, AdWatchers is affordable. It’s far less than what many of the earlier programs cost.

As a result, AdWatchers solves all of the drawbacks of other Ad Spying solutions, while giving you superior functionality.

You just log-in, spy, and mold to profit.

If you’re a pay-per-click marketer (affiliate or have your own product) I strongly encourage you pick-up your copy now at:

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