Turbo Inhouse Project Manager

Turbo Inhouse Project Manager

Team Working Made Easy!

Here are only some ideas of how you can use this script in your internet business...

To communicate with multiple freelancers at once, where you might have several sales letters being written, with the best one being selected for use on your main sales site.

To complete more projects and leverage more of your time, where before you may have only been able to start 2 projects at once...now you could double that effort and make more money.

To instantly and effortlessly be able to replace a failed freelancer, where your previous freelancer may have failed...you won't have to re-communicate your project...simply give them access to the old freelancer's project area, where they can watch the videos and read the communications to get them back on track (the bad and unnecessary messages deleted first of course). Quit suffering unneeded downtime!

To centralize your projects all under one roof, and login once, to manage your projects once, where you had to login 53,247 times to 900 accounts...you don't any more.

INTERESTING IDEA: You could actually use this script to train mastermind groups of customers at once, and allow only that group of people access to you for priority communication. Using video, you could release special "group only" videos.

Plus much, much more (get creative)

You create the environment for all of your projects to get done on time and effortlessly... then sit back and relax as your campaigns unfold right in front of your eyes and the money starts rolling in.

That's it! The secret of Centralization at its best.

Also Included: Video Tutorials on "How to install & use the script?

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