Review of Small Reports Fortune
by Jimmy D. Brown

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Product Description: A step-by-step manual for creating small reports and selling them for profit. This course includes everything you could possibly need to get your first small report written and selling on clickbank.com

The course comes as a 101-page manual in .PDF format, 7 downloadable .MP3 sessions, 4 exclusive bonuses in .PDF format and a set of video tutorials.

HIGH PROFIT: Since your reports will be in digital format (I.E. Your customers download them to their computer), there is ZERO cost to duplicate. Sell a $17 small report and keep $17! (Less processing fees)

QUICK TURNAROUND: You can literally create a small report in one day (8 hours) and can start from scratch (with NOTHING) and actually produce sales in one week or less!

EASY TO DO: Creating a small report is very easy to do with my step-by-step system... much easier than trying to write a full-length book or even ebook. You only need 7-15 pages of content to make money!

GREAT POTENTIAL: There is really no cap on how much money you can make this year (and long-term for the remainder of your life) with this business. With my unique "six-phases" plan, you can continue growing your info-empire for years to come!

FLEXIBILITY: You get to work your own schedule from wherever you choose. Your small report business is completely portable. (Heck, I often write from my RV at a campground out in the middle of the woods!)

WORLDWIDE ORDERS 24/7: Everything is setup to take orders automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You're not limited like a traditional business is - you're always "open" even when you're asleep! Your web site processes orders from around the world while you're enjoying life.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: You don't need to know how to do anything (other than follow instructions) to build a small reports business. If you're a writer, that's a "bonus", but it's not necessary. Everything is explained in "kindergarten" detail so anyone can follow along.
In order words, there's a "small fortune" to be made with these "small reports"!

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