- New PTC !!!

How PAYEE.ME works? have a good plan from PTC business to PTA business.

How you can earn money from PAYEE.ME?
See this example;

- If you buy the package membership 10 days free 50 Ads, you pay $2 but you can click ads unlimited per day. Let's me guide you to earn money.

If you buy 10 days = $2 and you click ads about 10 ads per day (just an exam) you can earn: $1 It's must have more than 21 Ads per days you will get profit.
But let's see this;

- If you have 20 direct referrals (you can have unlimited) and buy 10 days package, you pay $2 and let see your profit.

You click 10 ads per day (just an exam) you will got $1 by yourself. Your direct refs click 10 ads per day (if you have 20 refs) you will got (0.005 x 10 x 10 x 20) = $10 Don't forget, you can be your refs and can create multiple account ulimited as well.
That's means you pay $2 for get paid instant $11 in 10 days (just an exam, you can earn unlimited)

How PAYEE.ME pay you? have calculate price each ads to pay members and have some profit like this;

50 Ads per $2 That's means if have members click this ads 50 times, site must paid (0.01 x 50) = $0.5 and maybe must pay to referrer (0.005 x 50) = $0.25

That's mean 50 Ads package site have expend = $0.75 for pay members, and have a profit $1.25 (exclude Alertpay fee)

All the package calculate like this, that's mean site can pay to everyone and have a profit too, don't worry and don't think we will run away. If you think it's ROCK!

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