"How To Get 1000's of Other People Promoting Your Product" - FREE

Product Name: "Sales Army Secrets" Jimmy D. Brown

Product Description:(FREE)

This is a complete course including audio and transcripts as well as a bunch of great bonuses to help you either get an affiliate program up and running or greatly improve your current program. Jimmy shares some of his best ideas and techniques that have helped him attract affiliates and keep them motivated and promoting his products.

In a step-by-step process, he shares how you can get an affiliate program set up within a matter of hours, what tools you should provide your affiliates, and what you can do on an ongoing basis to support your affiliates and get them selling for you each and every month.

The product also includes a great interview with Jimmy's own affiliate manager – Nicole Dean – who answers questions on how to find a great affiliate manager, why you need one in the first place and what to look for if you are thinking of hiring someone to take care of your affiliate center.

Your Constructive Thoughts & Criticisms of the Product:

I like how "step-by-step" this product is. While it is great for a beginner who doesn't have an affiliate program in place yet, it also contains plenty of advanced ideas and strategies that helped improve my current affiliate program. After going through the audio and transcript for the first time, I came up with 2 pages of ideas and changes that I am currently working on implementing.

I don't really have any criticism of the product. It's just too bad Jimmy is not sharing his affiliate manager.

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