Download - 50 Awesome Glossy Layer Styles

"Easily Spice Up All Your Graphics With These 50 Brand New Awesome Glossy Layer Styles!"
"Grab Master Resale Rights And Sell Them Yourself For 100% Profits!"

Looking for quality graphics tools? How about quality and unique Master Resale Rights products?

If so, you're in the right place because I just created a brand new set of awesome layer styles for Adobe Photoshop (can also be used with Photoshop Elements) that will instantly spice up all your text and graphics with a cool glassy look. AND I'm throwing in Master Resale Rights to this awesome product so you can sell it yourself for 100% profit.

Exactly what you will get:
  • 50 glossy layer styles that you can apply to text and any other graphics with just a few clicks.
  • Layered PSD files for the 2 examples of numbers and shapes you see above, with the layer styles already applied to them.
  • 2 Video tutorials on how to use these layer styles. One for Photoshop, and one for Photoshop Elements.
  • Transferable Master Resale Rights to this same product so that you can sell it yourself to others, and keep 100% of the money. This is a really handy tool, and something a lot of people would love to have. So why not share it with others and make some money while you're at it.
  • This exact sales page plus all the files and videos for this product ready to go. So all you have to do is stick your own order button on the sales page, upload all of the files to your server, and you can be up and running right away.
 ONLY $17 (Market Price)

Considering the quality of this product, the $17 price is low enough just for the product itself. And the fact that you get Master Resale Rights should make this a no-brainer deal for you. With the MRR you can make your money back after just one sale.

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