Set Of 8 Premium Career E-Books

Set Of 8 Premium Career e-Books
Created By Expert British Career Coach

Set Of 8 Premium Career e-Books Give You The Most Thorough And Complete Action Plan To Career Change And Winning A New Job Ever Published On The Internet

If you want to change your job, or if you NEED a new job because of unemployment, then read on...

There are no secrets to winning a new job, but if you don't follow an ACTION PLAN that WORKS, you may find it much harder to get the job you want.

As a Career Coach and Job Search Expert We have developed an ACTION PLAN that thousands of men and women just like you have used and it has been proven to work!

I am not going to waste your time or insult your intelligence by getting you to read a long sales letter to try and convince you that our Premium Career Guides are everything you need. Click the 'Order Now' button to buy.

You could pick out any of these e-books and buy it separately, but you will get a fantastic deal ONLY if you buy the whole set together!

Book 1. 7 Steps To Career Success

Don't Believe Anyone Who Tells You It's Almost Impossible To Get A New Job These Days.

  • There are lots of great jobs, not just low-paid service industry jobs but real jobs that you want; you just need to know how to go about the business of finding them.

    With the right approach using this job search information and our proven tactics, it IS possible to find and secure a new job in 7 steps. GUARANTEED!

  • With my help you will very quickly understand and be able to apply the secret tactics I have personally used to help thousands of job seekers find their new jobs quickly.

Imagine the feeling when you ditch the old job for a great new job that... Gives you that fresh start; Makes you feel proud; Gains you the respect of everyone you know... And makes you more money!! Buy this 100-page guide now only $15.00

The Ultimate Resume Writing Guide will guide you through writing your own resume or CV so you can prepare it to the same standard as a professional CV or Resume Writer. Except that this 12-page job search information will only cost you a fraction of what they would charge you! - Totally Revised and updated May 2009

Because your CV or Resumé needs to be the best it can be it's never sufficient just to throw all your information on to a piece of paper; write the label Resume or CV or even 'Curriculum Vitae' at the top then expect the reader to sort out what they want from it. Your Resume is going to take some effort and hard work. But it's true that everything worthwhile requires some real effort and work, isn't it? Check out Careers Central for more help with your writing.

As a top Career Coach, my definition of Ultimate Resume Writing is about producing a Resume that is fit-for-purpose, in other words one that does the ONLY job it needs to do in the best possible way. Buy Now! Only £12.00

Book 3. How To Write Great Cover Letters
Including a cover letter with your resume is not a plus anymore, it's a must.

If your resume catches the eye of the recruiter, your application will be selected to the next step. Now the hiring manager will take a look at your resume cover letter to get a feeling of your personal side and to evaluate your written skills.

If you failed to include a cover letter or included a poorly written one, without any real content, your application will be discarded.

Do not underestimate the role played by the cover letter: even with a winning resume, a poor cover letter will prevent you from landing interviews.

Our great 30-page cover letter writing guide provides you with all the tools and information to write cover letters that land you interviews! Free Download: 15 page Cover Letter Writing Report

Book 4. Interview Guide & Top Interview Answers e-Books
In this 50-page guide you get everything you need to know so you can win the Interview Game. It helps you to understand what is involved and with compelling answers to over 70 questions that come up regularly, plus the key Do’s and Don’ts you also gain inside secrets of the STAR routine for behavioral interviews. Plus closing questions you should be asking - because you need to make the right decision when the offer is made.

You know how you feel when you get called to go for interview? Are you confident that you're the right one for the job? Can you imagine how it will feel spending that great new salary?

Now, all you have to do is get through the interview and the prize is yours! With this knowledge you'll get there easier! Buy Now! Only $11.47

Find out how you can easily Eliminate Interview Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Book 5. Ready Written Cover Letters
Your amazing value 30-page Cover Letters Pack contains 23 pre-written Cover Letters you can use in any way you like to help your career change contains application letters for every job application situation from a Managing Director to new Graduate applicant and from traditional post to e-mail; you are sure to find some letters that are extremely relevant and will work for you.

You know the feeling don't you, when you just don't get called forward to interview for those high-paying jobs you really want. It's even worse when you know you are the right person for the job - but they just can't see it!

What you really need is for someone to expertly write your covering letters for you - then all you have to do is add your personal details. This way you end up with a smart, professional covering letter for your job application and no-one needs to know you didn't write it yourself!

Book 6. 27 CVs and Resumes: Top Resumé Guide
Now you can get 27 CV examples and sample Resumes pre-written for Your Job Search. One or more of these will show you exactly how to produce a winning CV or Resume. You can modify the CV samples in this 62-page guide or use them in any way you want as a template.

With the right Resume you just know you're the one they will want to interview when they see how amazing your Resume really is...

If you can just be sure your resume will get their attention, they cannot fail to call you in for interview and all you have to do is to pick whichever resume layout you like best then edit the details so that the resume becomes YOUR resume. And a winning resume is yours -just $12.00!

Book 7. How to Find Hidden Or Unadvertised Jobs
Although it's no secret that most jobs are found through personal contacts, many people have difficulty getting this right. When you download this totally original 30-page e-book you will soon be able to put your networking skills into practice whenever you like.

Don't let nervousness or shyness prevent you from getting the job you need. This report will show you how to overcome your nerves and give you clear examples of how to approach someone and WHAT to say.

However, networking for jobs is not something that comes easily to everyone. You may be essentially a shy person, possibly feel you don't have the wherewithal, or as most of us are today, just plain busy. More than likely, you may feel you simply don't have the time to network. This is just an excuse!

Can you afford NOT to tap into this most powerful employment search technique and find unadvertised jobs to suit you? Only $17.00

Special Bonus: Book 8. The Success Index
You've all heard the hymn that says you can overcome those negative feelings, especially after job-loss just by altering your thoughts, but is it as simple as that? Can a changed outlook turn your life about? This is a 3-book set for just $13.99

For most people it just isn't that easy. What you need is a technique to help you develop an optimistic outlook even to overcome job loss and anxiety.

I'm going to show you in this 46-page 'Success Index Set' exactly how to create unknockdownable self-confidence that shows you believe in yourself and your right to win the dream job you want.

* How To Create Self Confidence
* How To Develop Your New Inner Strength
* How To Overcome Anxiety
* How To Apply Principles of Success
* How Your Motivation Leads to Self-Improvement
* How To Get To Where You Want To Be

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