OTO Bully - Intelligent One-Time Offer Script

AGGRESSIVE OTO Script Just Arrived!!

Have you ever signed up to a website to collect a free report?..

Were you ever hit by a so- called 'One-Time Offer?'

Did you pass the offer because you knew that the offer would always beavailable?..

If you've never made your own OTO before, or even if you've never really succeeded in creating a hot offer you're going to be in for a treat!

What if one-time offers could actually be made *REAL* for once?..


An offer where you only see it once!

And what if it's YOU who can create them better than the competition?!

A new script has arrived that allows you to create professional looking, time- pressured one-time offers.

If a visitor attempts to view your offer a second time, they are redirected away automatically.

Not only that but it tracks the IP of the user, allows you to adjust the duration of the offer, trails along as the user scrolls down the page and looks stylish!

OTO Bully is a *NEW* script that allows you to create powerful and stylish-looking one-time offers that make it very difficult for your visitors to resist!

OTO Bully Revolutionizes The Way You Present One-Time Offers!.. Intelligent Count-Down Script With Time-Out Redirect & IP-Tracking Redirect Creates Irresistable, Pressurized Offers Your Visitors CANNOT REFUSE!

This script alone is responsible for:

  • IP tracking
  • 2nd attempt redirect
  • Time-out redirect
  • Adjustable timer
  • Floating box
  • Customizable templates spontaneous buying
  • increased number of sales
  • increased number of transactions per sale
  • increased profit margins
  • attracting affiliates
  • 'hands-free' list building
  • and a fatter bank account

There's a demo of how the works on the page below.

Check it out here:



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