Small Business Internet Secrets !!!

Attention Small Business Owners...
Discover Step-by-Step How to DOUBLE Your Small Business' Revenue by Using 11 Secrets that Your Competitors DON'T KNOW about the Power of the Internet to Attract a Stampede of New Customers to Your Business !!!

Below are 11 of the specific hidden gems you'll discover in this program that will help you to start getting loads of new customers to your website and explode your small business:

1. A Sneaky Way to Get Web Traffic from Your Local TV News Station's Website

Think about this for a second... It would cost you a small fortune to pay for a TV ad spot during a commercial on your local morning or evening news station.  But what most business owners don't know is that you can get massive exposure from a large portion of those same viewers by getting traffic from that same TV news station's website back to your website.

It's actually quite easy to do, and we'll show you how to use this online advertising trick inside the course.

2. The nine specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps that most business owners don't know

Our unique SEO methods will catapult your website right to the top of the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine rankings... ahead of all of your competitors (if you follow our steps)!

Did you know that most business owners make at least 7 MAJOR mistakes on their websites that keep them from ranking in Google and other search engines. We'll show you the mistakes that your competitors are making and how to avoid those mistakes with your website.

3. How to get the elusive "double listings" for your website in the Google search engine rankings

"Double listings" in the search engines are where your website and a subpage of your website show up right next to each other as 2 listings in google... doubling your chances of getting that web traffic!

This is another technique that 99% of website owners are clueless about. We'll show you the simple steps you need to take to get some of these "double listings".

4. A unique secret for getting your website to show up 3-5 times on one single page of a search query!

This is another cool online marketing trick that almost nobody knows about how to get your website (or a site that links to your website) to show up 3, 4, or even 5 times or more (on the SAME PAGE!) for a given search engine query related to your business.

This is a killer technique that only the savviest of internet marketers know... but we'll show you the exact steps to take to dominate the searches like this.

5. Get extra exposure on the "Google Local" Business Listings

We'll show you how to get your site extra exposure on the Google "local listings" and set your business apart from your competitors.  If you've ever done a search for a "service + city" type of business, you'll notice that a few select businesses will show up more prominently...

This is actually very simple to do, and explained in detail in the course.

6.  Use Google to "Geotarget" your exact customers by city, state, or zip code

We'll show you in the course how to use a powerful feature to advertise in Google directly to your prospects in an exact city, state, or zip code.

This is a powerful way to specifically use Google to target people in your geographic area (but we'll also show you how to target nationally or even internationally if your business sells outside of your local area).

7.  Tap into the Massive traffic of the new bohemoth of the web - FACEBOOK!

Don't worry... this doesn't involve spending hours every day trying to build new groups of friends on Facebook.  To be honest, I don't even have a Facebook account for social networking... I only use the advertising feature in Facebook. You're going to be blown away when you see how powerful Facebook advertising can be!

Inside the course, you'll learn the incredibly powerful way to use Facebook traffic to drive massive amounts of customers (from your specific state, city, or zip code) to your website.  This technique alone will be a huge breakthrough for your business!

Stop struggling to find customers with newspaper ads, radio ads, or walk-ins... your customers are almost ALL ON FACEBOOK!

In some countries, over 70% of the adult population has a Facebook account.  In the US alone, there are almost 40 Million people age 18 and over that have Facebook accounts... the potential business you can generate on this site is staggering!

Don't underestimate the power of Facebook for getting traffic to your website... I've used Facebook extensively and personally do over 30,000 visitors/day to one of my websites just from Facebook traffic alone.

8. They may be losing marketshare to Facebook, but they still have immense amounts of traffic -- Myspace!

This is another incredibly effective method of finding your exact customers that are interested in your business.

You'll learn the simple techniques for using Myspace traffic to target your exact customer demographics and geographic area.  Although Myspace is losing ground to the popularity of Facebook, there are still over 80 Million people in the US alone that have Myspace accounts.

I've used Myspace for traffic generation for about 8 months now, and the traffic is IMMENSE that you can pull in from this site!  One of the reasons for this is that most advertisers don't even realize that you can do self-serve ads on Myspace.

I'll show you the secrets I've used to pull in over 10,000 visitors/day to one of my websites with just Myspace traffic alone.

9.  The Unexpected Power of Craigslist Traffic (a hidden gem)

Just wait until you see the secret that my business partner used to grow his kitchen cabinet business to over $240,000/month using mostly the power of Craigslist traffic!

Many business owners have tried to use Craigslist to generate business and FAILED to get more than 1 or 2 customers (if they get any customers at all).  However, Gary discovered several "underground" methods that he used to turn Craigslist into a customer-producing cash-cow!  This is an exciting and under-used method of serious traffic generation for your business.

10.  Can Ebay really be used to get traffic to almost any type of website?  You bet!

A few months ago, we discovered this surprising way to use Ebay to pull in some of the highest quality customers to your website and business.  Most business owners and even some of the brightest internet marketers have no clue that this "loophole" even exists for getting Ebay traffic...

HINT:  you don't have to actually sell an item through an auction on Ebay -- you can simply get people to go right to your website, even if you're not selling anything directly on Ebay.  Pretty cool huh!

This is a fully legal ad method on Ebay, but almost nobody knows this secret.  We'll show you how to do this sneaky little method of Ebay traffic in the course.

11.  How to siphon off some of the massive traffic that Youtube gets and send those visitors to your website

You may have thought that Youtube was nothing but a big jumbled mess of stupid humor videos... But what most business owners don't realize is that Youtube can be used to generate big web traffic to your business (whether your business is national, international, or just local)... either way, Youtube can be an extremely powerful marketing tool to add to your arsenal.

You do realize that Youtube has Millions of visitors per DAY!

And youtube videos show up frequently on the first page of google search rankings for lots of typical queries (that gives "service + city" business owners a killer method of showing up once again on the first page of google for their chosen keyword searches).

We'll show you the 5 important factors that you MUST know if you want to stand a chance at making Youtube videos work for your business.

FYI - you DON'T have to be a comedian to have a successful video on Youtube that pulls in customers to your business.

Those are 11 of the top secret internet marketing strategies that we'll show you step-by-step how to apply to your small business to explode your revenues and achieve financial freedom.  But we have more for you...

As a bonus, we'll even show you how to use Email marketing to potentially double your small business revenue!

This is one of the most under-used internet marketing techiques that is overlooked by most small business owners.  The Email marketing strategies that you'll learn in this course could possibly even double or triple your revenue by creating repeat customers.

And beyond that, we still have some additional marketing secrets in store for you in the course that I haven't mentioned here.  You won't be disappointed!

For Both Beginners and Advanced Levels of Online Marketing for Small Businesses

We designed this course to help you increase your business whether you are a pure beginner to web marketing, or even if you're already an advanced marketer.

Make no mistake, if you're a beginner, we included some of the basics that you need to know such as choosing domain names (did you realize there actually is a strategy to choosing domains properly?), setting up hosting, website design, and all of those other "beginner" stages.

Approximately one-third of the course deals with beginner info to help you if you're at that stage.

However, the remaining two-thirds of the course deals with super-advanced online marketing strategies, high-end Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, advanced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising methods, and all of the other 11 secret website traffic strategies that we outlined above.

But don't worry... even for the super-advanced online marketing techniques, we laid them out in simple step-by-step instructions inside the course that anyone can follow and implement successfully.

Since this course is brand new, and we just released it only 2 weeks ago, the reviews and testimonials are just starting to come in from business owners all over the US and in other countries as well.

So what is the investment in this course?

Now that you've heard all of the incredibly powerful web traffic and internet marketing secrets you'll discover in this program, you are probably thinking... How much of an investment is this course?

Most marketing courses that I've personally purchased over the last couple of years have been in the price range of $500 to $2,000... and Gary and I charge $650/hour for one-on-one hourly consulting.

Usually, if I can find at least 1 or 2 "golden nuggets" in each course that I purchase, those golden nuggets can sometimes give me ideas that help me to make 10x to 100x the initial investment I made in the course.

Michael Geary & Gary Nealon personally guarantee's to you is that if you try out this course and actually implement at least 2 of the 11 major techniques that we are going to show you, it will make you back at least 10x to 100x or more of your initial investement.

Although the "going rate" for many of these internet marketing courses is between $500 to $2,000, we wanted to make this course affordable and a great value for every business owner to help grow your business to entirely new levels.

For that reason, we've decided to offer this course for the incredible value of only $279!

Important Note:  Since we're still compiling the bonus package for this course, we've decided to discount the price from $279 to only $149 for a couple more days.

So grab this now...because you could come back in a couple days and the price could be back to the standard price.

Just think... even gaining just 1 or 2 new customers from these powerful techiques that we are going to show you could easily pay you back for the investment in this course. After that, it's all PROFIT in your favor!

Behalf of Geary & Gary !!!

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