Direct Download - Easy Steps to Blogging Stardom

Alex Sysoef has released a 28-page report titled "Easy Steps to Blogging Stardom".

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Easy Steps to Blogging Stardom Contents

- Build Your Own Sizzling WordPress Blog – Web 2.0 ready

- Step 1: Install Wordpress Blog Software

- Step 2: Download and Install Wordpress Theme That Is Web 2.0 Ready

- Step 3: Get Your Wordpress Blog Optimized For Search Engines

- Step 4: Make Your WordPress Blog Ready For Social Networks Bookmarking

- Step 5: Make Subscription To Your Content And Comments Easy And Trackable

- Step 6: Improve Commenting System On Your Blog And Protect Yourself From Spam

- Step 7: Add Interactivity To Your Wordpress Blog And Improve Visitors Experience

- Step 8: Simplify Administration And Add Statistics

- Step 9: Monetize Your Wordpress Web 2.0 Portal

- Step 10: Customize Your Blog Via Text Widgets

- Some Tips To Maximize Your Blog Visibility

- Some Blog Basics

- Starting a Blog

- Writing Your Blog

- Promoting Your Blog

- Resource Box

- Web 2.0 Wealth System

- Blog Marketing Ideas That Sell

- Make Your Blog a Customer Draw

- Make Your Blog a Company Pusher – Without Being Pushy

- Give Your Readers What They Want

- Get More Readers for Your Blog, Get More Customers

- Keep it Rich

- Join the Community

- Resource Box

- Sparkling Blog Writing

- What Types of Writing to Use

- Adding Style to Your Blog Writing

- Other People’s Blogs

- What Are Other Bloggers Saying About Your Company?

- Responding to Other Blogs

- Resources Box

- Is Your Blog Working As Well As It Should?

- Step One: Keep Track of Your Blog Results

- Step Two: Make Your Results Better

- Resource Box

- Keeping Your Blog Market-Fresh

- Keep Your Blog Fresh

- Make Your Blog Sizzle

- Resource Box

- Build the Benefits of Your Blog

- Step One: Make your blog a better publicity machine

- Step Two: Create more hits

- Web 2.0 – Social Networks As Targeted Traffic

- Giveaway This Report And Earn


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