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See How To Automatically Prevent Invalid Clicks On Your Adsense Ads - So You Don't Get BANNED!

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How To Protect Your Adsense Account From Getting Banned?

It happens daily. Adsense accounts are terminated and the publisher's adsense account is permanently banned due to click fraud. Why?

Sometimes your competitors get you banned by simply visiting your site daily and continusoulsy click your ads. Other times...

Friends or family can get you banned. They want to help you make more money so they secretly click on your ads multiple times a day. And in some cases, it's a jealous friend or family member that intentionally clicks your ads trying to get you banned.

No matter who does, or why they do it, it's still Click Fraud and your account will still be banned - and it happens more often than you think.

Thousands of websites teach how to get your AdSense Account banned.

Anyone can find this information simply by searching for it online.

It's listed everywhere from blackhat sites, popular forums and even sites like digg.

    * Google shows over 52,900 sites for the search "adsense account banned".
    * MSN shows over 183,000 results for "adsense account banned."
    * Yahoo shows over 1.3 Million sites for "adsense account banned."

Don't fall victim to click fraud. You've worked too hard to have your lose all of the money you earn from AdSense. Do something to keep your account safe.

AdsenseClickLock Automatically Protects Your Account And Prevents Click Fraud

AdsenseClickLock protects your AdSense pages by automatically hiding your ads from visitors when it detects a possible click fraud attack.

To provide the best protection possible, AdsenseClickLock uses the powerful TripleDefense Click Protection™ technolgy:

   1. ClickBlocker - monitors how many times the same visitor clicks your ads, then hides your AdSense ads after the limit is reached.

   2. PageBlocker - hides your AdSense ads after a certain number of pageviews is achieved.

   3. IP Tracker - the IP address of each and every visitor to your site ensuring accurate, foolproof tracking of all your potential attackers.

No other solution offers the TripleDefense Protection system to protect your ads from click fraud.

Make Money When Your AdSense Ads Are Protected

When AdsenseClickLock is hiding your ads from potential click fraud attacks, you can still make money by displaying alternate money-making ads.

You don't want to miss out on valuable revenues, so the software doesn't just hide your Adsense ads, it replaces them with alternatives.

You can show replacement ads for Amazon, Yahoo Search, Clickbank or anything else you want.         

This means that you can protect your Adsense account and still generate income from your web pages.

Using AdsenseClickLock Is Easy

Using AdsenseClickLock is easy. The tool is made up of two pieces - a desktop piece and a PHP script.

Using the desktop component, you generate a custom PHP script that you upload to each website you want to protect.

Once the PHP script is uploaded and the database setup - you're done and your Ads are protected.

Your AdSense Account Is Exposed, Protect It Now - Before You Get Banned...

Every second that ticks by is another chance for someone to rob you of your AdSense income - and get your AdSense account banned for life!

How much is it worth to protect your AdSense income for the next few months, how about the next few years? Maybe you'll make several hundred dollars - or maybe make tens of thousands of dollars.

You can have the peace of mind knowing you've done everything you can to protect your AdSense account by getting AdsenseClickLock today.

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