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Marketing PLR

Internet Marketing Article Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to Internet business owners wanting to improve their marketing techniques. Article topics include:

- What is affiliate marketing?
- How to choose the right affiliate programs
- Big mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing
- How offering bonuses can increase your affiliate commissions
- Add free eCourses to your affiliate marketing arsenal
- Give away a free report and watch your affiliate conversions improve
- Why every affiliate marketer needs a list
- What makes a super affiliate?
- Why information products are hot
- First steps to writing your first information product
- Information products - Creating an outline
- Information products - Hire someone to do it for you
- Audio Interviews - the easy way to create information products
- 6 Copywriting tips that work
- Article marketing tips and strategies you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.


WAHM (Work atHome Mom) PLR Article Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to mothers who are working from home or want to work from home. Article topics include:
  • What it Takes to be a Successful WAHM
  • Walking the WAHM tightrope – balancing work and family
  • WAHM Networking 101
  • Tips on avoiding the comparison trap
  • Tips for staying focused on your business
  • Teaming up with other WAHMs on Joint Ventures
  • Stepping out of the WAHM comfort zone
  • Simple ways for WAHMs to balance work and relationships
  • Remember to take care of yourself
  • Organization tips for WAHMs
  • How to stay confident in your decision to be a WAHM
  • Easy time management tricks for WAHMs
  • Creative Childcare Solutions For WAHMs
  • Creating your own income opportunities
  • Yes – it is possible to earn money from home you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

Self Improvement-PLR

Self-Improvement PLR Article Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to people who need more time-management and self-improvement help. Article topics include:
  • 6 Ways to Deal with the Stress in Your Life
  • What You Say Really Does Matter
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Positive Thinking: A Powerful Tool
  • Overcoming Procrastination: A Few Easy Steps
  • One Small Step at a Time: Break Your Goals Down Into Measurable Steps
  • Learning to Value Your Time
  • Is Stress Getting You Down?
  • Is Your Self-Esteem Letting You Down?
  • How To Live a Balanced Life
  • How to Focus on Your Goals and Achieve More
  • How Important Is Goal Setting?
  • Can You Really Think Yourself Happy?
  • Breaking Free From Negative Thoughts
  • Writing Effective To-Do Lists you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

Organic Bundle

Organic Food Article Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to people who are interested in organic living options. Article topics include:

  • Where to Buy Organic Foods
  • Why Buy Organic? Beyond the Health Benefits
  • What's Green Living All About?
  • What is the Future of Organic Foods?
  • Why Every Parent Should Switch to Organic Baby Food
  • Is Organic Pet Food Worth the Extra Cash?
  • Organic Food Delivery – The Easy Way to Eat Right.
  • Losing Weight by Eating Organic Foods
  • Is Organic Food Really the Healthier Choice?
  • How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden
  • Getting Started On Organic Foods – The Basics
  • Eat Organic Food and Help the Planet
  • Certified Organic Body Products
  • Benefits of Organic Produce
  • Benefits of Consuming Raw Organic Food you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

Finance-Credit PLR

Finance / Credit PLR Article Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to people wanting to improve their financial situation. Article topics include:

· What is filing for bankruptcy and is it a way out of debt?
· Alternatives to filing bankruptcy
· Building good credit with secured credit cards
· Coping with the financial stress of debt
· Debt consolidation loans – a good idea?
· Finding a loan with bad credit
· Household budgeting tips
· Steps to Eliminating Debt
· How to get a free credit report
· How to negotiate lower interest rates
· Should I use a credit repair service?
· Steps to repairing your credit
· Stop ignoring your bills – they won’t go away
· Tips for creating a budget and sticking to it
· Quick ways to create more money you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

Business Idea PLR

Business Idea PLR Article Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to people wanting to start a business. Article topics include:

  • Tips to Help You Become a Life Coach
  • How to Become a Ghostwriter
  • How to Start Your Own Gift Basket Supply Business
  • Making Money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Making Money with Information Products
  • Tips to Help You Start a Soap Making Business
  • Ideas to Help You Begin a Children’s Tutoring Business
  • Ideas to Help You Start a Cleaning Service Business
  • Starting a Computer Support Business
  • Starting a Home Based Secretarial Business
  • Starting a Party Supply Business
  • Starting Your Own Candle Business
  • Starting Your Own Home Based Bookkeeping Service
  • Tips for Starting a Catering Business
  • Tips to Help Get Your Virtual Assistant Business Up and Running you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

Gardening PLR

Gardening Article PLR Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to gardeners and want-to-be gardeners. Article topics include:

  • Winter Protection for Roses
  • Composting is Key to Organic Gardening
  • Controlling Pests in Your Organic Garden
  • Different Varieties of Garden Roses
  • Encouraging Wildlife in Your Garden
  • Growing Vegetables from Seeds
  • How to Attract Birds to Your Garden
  • How to Plant Roses
  • How to Prune Climbing Roses
  • How to Start a Vegetable Garden
  • Rose Gardening Tips for Getting Started
  • Tips for Controlling Garden Weeds
  • Tips for Growing Vegetables in a Small Space or City Garden
  • Tips for Improving Your Garden Soil
  • Why Mulch is Good News for Your Garden you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

Teen Article PLR Bundle

Teen Article PLR Bundle

This article bundle contains 15 topics of interest to parents of teenagers. Article topics include:

  • What to do When You Don’t Like Your Teens Friends
  • Helping your Teen Cope with Having to Wear Braces
  • Coping with Teen Dating- Tips for Parents
  • Dating Doesn't Mean Sex- Teaching You Teenagers That It's OK to Say No
  • Helping your Teen Develop Self Pride and a Good Body Image
  • Helping Your Teen Understand the Value of Money
  • Why Sport is a Great Outlet for Teens
  • Talking to your Teen about Drinking and Driving
  • Talking to Your Teen about STD's and Safe Sex
  • Teaching Your Teen to Stay Safe While Going Out With Friends
  • Coping with Teen Bullying
  • Teenage Acne and Helping Your Teen Cope
  • Helping Teens Deal With Peer Pressure
  • Tips for Getting Your Teen to Open up
  • What to do if You Suspect You Teen is Taking Drugs you'll also receive:

  • One-month complimentary access to our private members-only forum.
  • A list of suggested affiliate programs to monetize your articles.

How to PLR Free Email Course

"Claim Your Free Tips: Why Private Label Content is One of the Easiest Ways to Generate More Traffic, Build Your List & Increase Your Sales"

Learn How to Use PLR Content to Your Greatest Possible Advantage and Maximize Your Business Profits with a FREE Copy of "Massive Content Creation Made Simple: Genius Ways to Use & Profit From PLR Content"

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  • Why PLR is a better alternative to other reprinted articles.

  • How PLR content can actually bring you increased search engine traffic.

  • How to use PLR articles: It's NOT just about adding the articles to your website. PLR offers many creative possibilities for building your mailing list, traffic and increased sales.

  • Not all PLR articles are created equally: Amongst a lot of the garbage out there, there are some real PLR gems. Learn how to find them.

  • Other types of PLR content that can generate plenty of traffic and leads for you.

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All Health Content

Instant access to All Health Content, THE limited membership PLR site for content marketing to those looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Access to original Private Label Content that includes:

  • 30 Articles - Original high-quality content appealing to the interest to health-seekers.

  • 10 Product Profiles - Detailed information on products that you can share with your readers and add your affiliate link to.

  • 10 Healthy Recipes - To be healthy, you've got to eat right!

  • 1 Monthly 7-10 Page Report - Expand it, chop it up and brand it with your business name and product promotions.

  • Making the Most of Your PLR Content - Get plenty of suggestions for using your content and quickly and easily optimizing it for free search engine traffic.

  • Suggested Health-Related Affiliate Programs - Let us do the research for you.

  • Exclusive Members-Only Forum Access - long as you remain a member.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Desktop Followup Autoresponder

Desktop Followup Autoresponder

An Autoresponder That Works Right From Your Desktop! Stay in touch with your customers the easy way...straight from your desktop! Desktop Followup will check your email server and automatically reply to new emails. Your reply can contain attachments and you can also set it to forward the email to another address.

The Ultimate Ad Tracking Tool

The Ultimate Ad Tracking Tool

With the Ultimate Ad Tracker Tool you will be able to run your own professional Ad tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links!

Classified Ad Factory

Classified Ad Factory Will Walk You Through Classified Ad Creation Plus...Generate Professional Classifieds Ads For You. Complete with Classified Ad examples and word lists, Classified Ad Websites, Information & Resources.

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Google AdWords is the most popular pay-per-click search engine. With a tiny start-up investment (as little as ), you can start running your ads on websites throughout the internet.

However, as its popularity has grown, so has the often cut-throat competition. In many markets, getting a profitable campaign going has become a serious challenge.

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Review of: AdWatchers !!!

The Final Pay-Per-Click Ad Spying Solution?

Review of: AdWatchers
Reviewed by: fastpayouts

If you’ve been keeping-up with the top internet marketing big product launches, then you’ve likely heard the names, “Xray Domination,” “Google Cash Detective,” and “Undercover Profits.”

These tools went for as much as ,500.00 or 0.00 a month and sold-out.

The reason is because they allow pay-per-click advertisers to uncover what keywords, ads, and products are either losing money or making money.

You can then take this information to immediately turn a profit, instead of spending weeks or months testing, tracking, and tweaking.

AdWatchers is the latest “Ad Spying” tool released by Rod Beckwith (publisher of tools, such as Adword Generator, Misspelled Keywords, CB Accountant, Software Defender, and Press Equalizer).

AdWatchers has several features that separate it from other tools. These include:

· It’s a complete web-based solution. This means you don’t have to install anything or deal with any technical hassles. Since these types of programs are major resource hogs, this is a huge advantage for those who not the most tech-savvy marketers. A lot of web hosts have been known to disable accounts that suck-up too many resources.

· It monitors an enormous 3,000 keywords at any one time and stores unlimited inactive ones. If you were to install an Ad Spying program on your standard shared hosting plan, you might be able to monitor enough keywords for 1 small campaign.

· It has a built-in directory of pre-researched keywords. You can then input these into your account and get instant access to valuable information. This is invaluable for spotting trends and getting ideas quick. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to gather data before you can take advantage of AdWatchers.

Finally, to top is all off, AdWatchers is affordable. It’s far less than what many of the earlier programs cost.

As a result, AdWatchers solves all of the drawbacks of other Ad Spying solutions, while giving you superior functionality.

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APSense-Business Social Network

Apsense is a Free Business Social Network where people get paid to come together to share their business. Bring your online business to life by building your own business social network, business website and much much more within minutes!

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Turbo Inhouse Project Manager

Turbo Inhouse Project Manager

Team Working Made Easy!

Here are only some ideas of how you can use this script in your internet business...

To communicate with multiple freelancers at once, where you might have several sales letters being written, with the best one being selected for use on your main sales site.

To complete more projects and leverage more of your time, where before you may have only been able to start 2 projects at you could double that effort and make more money.

To instantly and effortlessly be able to replace a failed freelancer, where your previous freelancer may have won't have to re-communicate your project...simply give them access to the old freelancer's project area, where they can watch the videos and read the communications to get them back on track (the bad and unnecessary messages deleted first of course). Quit suffering unneeded downtime!

To centralize your projects all under one roof, and login once, to manage your projects once, where you had to login 53,247 times to 900 don't any more.

INTERESTING IDEA: You could actually use this script to train mastermind groups of customers at once, and allow only that group of people access to you for priority communication. Using video, you could release special "group only" videos.

Plus much, much more (get creative)

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Introducing Joint Ventures for Newbies Video Series

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Here is what you'll learn from these SIX videos in detail:

1. What are Joint Ventures? Different types of Joint Ventures?

2. What to look for before searching for JVs.

3. Once you find them, then what next? What to do before you approach your future JV Partners.

4. Gathering All the Information to write a successful JV Proposal...

5. Contacting - How to write JV Proposals? Including what not
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6. What to do after you send the JV proposal, follow ups, etc...

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Russell's Affiliate Landmines

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I highly recommend AffiliateLandmine for a number of reasons.

First of all the video tutorials are great! These videos walk you through all of the elements you need to create and maintain a professional website. The videos are categorized and targeted to make them easy to use. 50 videos in all.

Then there are the Land Mines. There are 3 ways to utilize them to help "Explode" your business. You get ways to build a list, and create sales from affiliate marketing.

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Automatic Blog - Automated Blog Posting Wordpress Plugin

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