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Easily Create Profitable Ads For Clickbank Products

If you've heard of Clickbank, you'll already know that they are one of the best sources for high levels of commission.

They offer over 10,000 products, sold through a single affiliate account with commission rates of up to 75%.

Clickbank has a searchable "Marketplace" which lists all the products available, making it quick and easy to find products to promote.

You wouldn't actually want to use the Marketplace ads on your website "as-is", because most Marketplace ads are designed to appeal to affiliates not customers.

Here's a typical example:

Fantastic Fish Ponds
Awesome Conversions. Pays 60% commission.

It really doesn't matter how good that ebook is. Putting that ad on a content site will get ZERO response.

However it's simple to create a decent ad for that same product, by visiting the product sales page and copying some text from the headline. Here's the result:

Fantastic Fish Ponds
Have The Fish Pond You Have Always Dreamed Of - Guaranteed!

Now that ad has a decent chance of getting some sales.

With Ad Unit Pro, because its all text file based, it's easy to create effective ads for Clickbank products.

The software comes with brief instructions describing how to search the Clickbank Marketplace and how to create profitable ads for products, in around 30 seconds flat.

Armed with this simple guide and your copy of Ad Unit Pro, you can replace all those low payout ad units, with powerful, high commission paying ads - all in a matter of minutes.

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