Random Pricing Payment Button Generator

When you allow your visitors see that they can refresh their browser to generate a new price for your product, they will actually enjoy shopping with you.

Seriously, you read that right.....your customers will actually enjoy paying you.
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Ok, so here is what I'm talking about.....

A while back a well know Internet Marketer came out with a clever payment script that generated a random price every time the visitor refreshed their browser.

This script took the Internet Marketing scene by storm. The problem with it was, that it was complicated to setup and even if you were successful in getting it up and running, the code has a built in expiration feature, that has twice now left me with no payment button on my sales pages.

Needless to say, it was far from a tool that any beginner or mid level Internet Marketer could use on a daily basis.

So, Kenny Holley took the concept.....and created a one of a kind payment button generator that will allow you to fill out a simple form, click a button and out pops a code that can be inserted into any page.

You can select either a standard fixed price for your payment button or you can choose to create a random price payment button.

When using the random price option, you select the beginning price and the high price. Every time the page is refreshed a new price is generated in between the two prices you selected.

Like the stock market, most people will buy when the price is low. So when your visitor sees prices that are lower than the higher prices they have seen, they will be inclined to buy.

The best part is that the code that is generated is a stand alone code, you don't have to copy your sales page into the payment script.

In other words, you copy and paste the generated code into your existing page, just like you would a counter script or Adsense code.



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