Adsense Click Lock

Adsense Click Lock - Guard Your Adsense Account 24Hours A Day.

Adsense Click Lock software, you can protect your Adsense account automatically.

Let's take a look at how this superb software protects your valuable Adsense income...

Powerful Protection Prevents Repeat Clicks On Your Ads

Adsense Click Lock works on a very simple principle. You select a maximum number of Adsense ads that each visitor can click on.
You can select any number from 1 upwards.
Once a visitor has clicked on that number of ads, ALL Adsense ads on ALL your web pages are automatically hidden from that visitor.

Show Replacement Ads Automatically

Obviously once your Adsense ads are hidden, you can no longer generate income from Adsense on your web pages.
You don't want to miss out on valuable revenues, so the software doesn't just hide your Adsense ads, it replaces them with alternatives ads.
You can show replacement ads for Amazon, Overture, Clickbank or anything else you want.
You can specify different replacement ads for each of the Adsense ad blocks on your pages if you wish.
This means that you can protect your Adsense account and still generate income from your web pages.

Secondary Protection For Increased Security
Adsense Click Lock is able to detect Adsense clicks from visitors using the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox), which should cover the majority of your website visitors.

However detecting Adsense clicks is a complex process. The solution differs for different browsers and even different versions of the same browser.

This means that it is impossible to guarantee that any software solution could detect every click from every possible browser in use on the Internet.

That's why Adsense Click Lock incorporates a second protection solution.

To use this second solution, you select a "maximum number of page views".

You can select any number from 1 upwards, but a typical value is 3 to 5.

For each visitor to your site, this is the maximum number of pages on which Adsense ads will be shown.

If a visitor views more than this number of pages, your Adsense ads are automatically hidden from that visitor (and your replacement ads are shown instead).

If a visitor clicks on one of your Adsense ads then clicks their Back button, this counts as a page view. This means that the maximum number of Adsense clicks that each visitor can make is limited to your "maximum number of page views" value.

For example, if you only allow a maximum of 3 page views, each visitor can only ever possibly click on a maximum of 3 Adsense ads.

This solution is activated on your web server (rather than inside the visitor's browser), so it is much less dependant on the features of the browser being used.

This provides powerful secondary protection for your Adsense account automatically.

One of the great benefits of using Adsense Click Lock's secondary protection solution is that it does this for you automatically.

When the software hides your Adsense ads after your chosen number of page views, your different replacement adverts will be shown on your pages.

See The System In Action Now...

You can see a demonstration site using Adsense Click Lock if you wish.

To avoid issues with people clicking on ads for the wrong reason (which would violate the Adsense terms), the demonstration site uses only Referral type Adsense ads rather than the more common content ads.

The software works exactly the same way for both types of ads.

Your Special Bonus: Adsense Income Video Course(10 videos)

These ten videos come to a total playing time of 80 minutes.


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