Make a Fortune Selling iPhone Apps

How To Make a Fortune Selling iPhone Apps

Are you sitting down?
I ask because you’re about to read something that’s buckled the knees of some of the smartest entrepreneurs on the planet…

Consider this…
Plenty of marketers are seeking their fortunes online. They sell $47 ebooks and consider it a good year if they sell 1000 copies. They put in long days packing and shipping products that they sell on eBay. And they blog until their fingers bleed.

But now something easier has come along. And something much more profitable.

Let me explain…
In the summer of 2008, Apple opened up its iPhone App Store to third-party iPhone apps developers. That means anyone with an idea for an app could develop it, submit it to the store, and take home 70% of the profits…

Just six months later, the App Store announced a staggering 500 million downloads. And apps developers started reporting huge profits.

Just consider the Ocarina app, which turns an iPhone into a flute. Just months after Ocarina launched, it had pulled in over 400,000 downloads at 99 cents a pop.

Now here’s the best part: That’s NOT an isolated example.

Other developers are reporting similar numbers. And still other apps sellers are pulling in hundreds and even thousands of dollars each and every day… effortlessly.

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, your head is spinning with ideas right now. And you’re probably wondering how to grab your fair share of this exploding market!
Here’s how:

Step 1: Come up with a killer app idea. Making money by selling apps is incredibly easy – but not if you develop a junk app. Your app needs to be useful, entertaining or impressive.

Step 2: Research the market. No matter what you’re selling, you won’t get rich unless there’s a market for your app.

Step 3: Develop the app. If you’re a programmer, then this is probably the fun part for you. But if you’re a technophobe, then this is the part where you want to run away screaming. Relax… you don’t have to develop it yourself. You can outsource this task quickly and easily.

Step 4: Submit to the App Store and start marketing. Now THIS is the fun part! This is when you get to start eagerly checking your sales stats every day. Maybe you get a couple hundred sales every day for the first few days. And then suddenly you reach the 1000 per day mark… then 1500… then 2000 sales a day.
And from there?

Well that’s up to you! The sky is the limit, the market is hot and now is the perfect time for to grab a million dollar share of the market!
But you need to be quick!

If you hesitate, 100 developers will jump ahead of you. If you take too long learning the ropes, 1000 new apps developers will beat you to the punch. If you drag your feet, a half a million new customers will go to someone else.

That’s why I suggest you take a shortcut by downloading the book “iStormer: Profiting From the Mobile Revolution” right now.

Inside this book you’ll discover everything you need to know about coming up with creative apps ideas, developing those ideas, and turning your apps into money in the bank.

But you need to be quick, so get your copy now by clicking here now

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