Install Website Software Scripts Yourself

Own a website? READ THIS!!

InstallScriptsVideos 108 Minutes of video tutorials(PHP & CGI).

Are you stuck in creating new websites because you don't know how to install the software scripts?

Or worse yet...

Are you forced to spend $100s to have a programmer do it for you?

The truth is, most people are terrified when they hear terms like PHP, CGI, and MySQL... BUT, what they don't know is that its actually not very difficult to install profit pulling scripts and usually only takes a few minutes (and you thought that programmer was working hard!)

There is a brand new set of tutorial videos that will guide you step-by-step through the process of installing software scripts on your website. You'll learn exactly how to do it yourself in just minutes.

Just look at what kind of software you'll know how to install:

- ad tracking
- affiliate management
- website/banner rotators
- membership sites
- autoresponders
- link cloakers
- text ad systems
- and much much more

Basically, once you have mastered the art of installing website software, all it comes down to is finding the right scripts to run your website. And even better, you don't need to know one bit of PHP or CGI code...

Download this set of video tutorials today! The price will be going up very soon as this is a hot seller!

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