Is Your Website Sticky?

Discover How To Quickly And Easily Boost Visitors And SalesBy Utilizing One Simple Tool That Will Provide Easy Access To Everything Your Site Has To Offer...

Now here's a sticky situation...

You've built this wonderful big website because you have so much to offer, plus you want your visitors to stick around longer. However, as a "visitor", do you really know how easy your site is to navigate?

You see, a smaller website provides links from one page to another (called cross links). Creating these cross links on a relatively small website is quite easy to do, but what about larger websites? Can this process be just as easy?

Trust me, it's not. At least not without the help of:

Cross Link Randomizer is the absolute solution to ensuring your visitors have access to every area of your site - which of course increases the duration of their visit, thus maximizing the potential for sales.

So, just exactly how does Cross Link Randomizer work?

Instead of inserting static links into your web pages, you only need one small snippet of code placed into your pages where you want your links to appear. From here, Cross Link Randomizer performs it's magic by scanning your site to build a list of all the pages in your website and labels the links accordingly.

Now you know the secret of those "monster sites"!

Listen, it doesn't get any easier than this... All you need to do is enter your details in to the form and your script will be created automatically. Then, upload the script to your website and Cross Link Randomizer will immediately go to work
for you! See, I told you it was easy :) Go pick up your copy while the new release price is unbelievably low...

Wishing you success,

PS. Unlike many other software licenses, you are free to install Cross Link Randomizer on as many sites as you wish! Save a ton and money now, get your copy here:

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