Ultimate Click Bank Ad Rotator

Get Targeted Ads From ClickBank on Your Websites With Ad Rotator

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Now CB Ad Rotator does the same job as AdSense with some excellent improvements:

1, You have no threshold of $100 to reach before payment, this means the new guys get paid after one click led sale.

2, Your commissions are a lot higher, than AdSense meaning you get paid a lot more for sales i.e. ClickBank products worth anywhere up $297.00 with up to 75% commissions on some products. This as you know is the highest payments possible, but if you take the average product at say $47 with the average commission 55%, this is still $25.85 commission from one click.

3, You can choose your exact targeted ads with your own key words, this is not run by scanning content and producing as which sometimes are not relevant. All ads are relevant to your website.

4, Easy to setup guides in the form of email and video tutorials.

5, You can even run the two ad programs side by side.

Why have one automated income when you can have two
These are just some of the excellent feature you can utilize to push your business further.... ‘DID YOU WANT PROOF’ Take a look at CBADROTATOR-PROOF for a comparison table and real screen shots of a weeks earning from both paid ad systems. You will then see the truth.

Remember CB Ad Rotator is not a replacement for AdSense, the two can run side by side. If you are looking for an extra form of income on complete auto pilot from your visitors, then this is paramount to your website success.

If your AdSense empire come crashing down from a banned account then this is your salvation too.
CB AD ROTATOR The future of commission based ads is here. Seriously, from one online marketer to another, this is a no brainer and another auto pilot income stream worth buying.

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