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I'm the owner/manager of a small business offering a great product but, until recently, I was struggling to generate enough sales to take my business to the next level. I knew I needed to reach new markets, especially internet users, but never took a marketing course and was not technically savvy, so I just worked harder, hoping things would improve. And they did - but not because I worked 16-hour days!

A friend introduced me to a proven marketing tool called GetResponse that lets me email customers, prospects, leads, referrals - anyone I need to communicate with to tell my product story. I learned how to set up a promotional email in 20 minutes and was amazed to discover that in 5-10 minutes I could create messages called follow ups that would go out at chosen intervals -automatically! And GetResponse lets me track and manage my campaigns, contacts, email click-throughs, sales and revenues - everything the big corporations do, except easier and much more affordable! I can tell you after sending just 2 broadcasts and one seminar invitation I had 400 new prospects - and it gets better and bigger every day!

You can try it for free, so there's no risk. So don't let your concerns about technology or learning curves keep you from trying GetResponse. If you can email, you can use this service. And don't you owe it to yourself to realize your full earnings potential? It's just a click away...

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