EBook Gold

As an independent business owner, you have lots of great ideas about how to build an online business, motivate people, and avoid some of the pitfalls of doing it on your own. Or perhaps you run a large household or a home-based business and have nuggets of wisdom you'd like to share to help others succeed? So what do you do? Send out long-winded newsletters or mail information packets - never making a profit on a single word! That's what I was doing until a customer suggested I find a more user-friendly way to communicate. After only a few minutes of research, I'd found my solution - it's called EbookGold!

EbookGold requires no special computer or design skills, and takes no time to set up, learn, and use! With EbookGold, you get a complete, fully automated, ebook publishing kit including professional templates, formatting, compilation, and support for all your multimedia content. You just write down your ideas in Word or your favorite HTML editor and eBookGold does the rest! With a click of a button, it converts your HTML pages into a self-contained file that can run on any Windows PC platform. And EbookGold provides top-notch security features and requires no separate "reader", so you're free to distribute around the globe or around town.

Whether you sell your ebooks online, or use them to drive your business - the applications are endless. So let your knowledge and EbookGold make money for you. Try it for free or buy it for less than you spent on postage this month!

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