how to pull people in...

Did you know that your sub headline serves as a hook to make your readers continue reading?

The sub headline goes on to explore other benefits for your reader to continue reading which are not shared in the headline.

It helps to pull people in.

The sub headline is generally smaller than the headline in font size (by 1), and is often differently colored, too.

Black is a matching color for the sub headline.

In short, you want to make your prospects feel that they owe it to themselves to read every line of your letter.

What do you think of these tips so far? are you putting any of the into practice?

Have you noticed that they're only minimum changes?

Sometimes it's the smallest changes to a website that can have the biggest possible impact.

Would you like to discover how to create a website thats so mezmerizing, it compels visitors to buy what you're selling ... and convert 5%, 10% ... even 20% or more of your website visitors into customers...

Regardless of how well you can or can't write copy?

Here's how you can do it...

If you have any questions at all ...just let me know.

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