Free FireBall AutoResponder - Lifelong Free

An autoresponder is an email program that automates your online communications so that you can actually be totally removed from the process once you have it set up.

There are two ways that an autoresponder is generally used. One way is with pre-written follow-up messages that go out to every new subscriber or customer at a pre-determined time. So if somebody opts in to your email list, they will receive a message that you programmed to go out after a specific time frame -- for instance, on day 30 -- exactly that many days after they signed up.

Fireball Autoresponder Features:

  • Unlimited autoresponders for your business. If you’ve got 5 products, set up 5 autoresponders. There’s nothing to stop you – no hassle and you don’t need to spend another dime.
  • Unlimited follow-up messages. Don’t let anyone tell you how many times you need to email your subscribers. You get to call the shots and that’s the end of it.
  • Absolutely NO-LIMIT put on the growth of your business. With Parabots, you can enjoy unlimited subscribers to your autoresponders and mailing lists.
  • The “I’m On Vacation” Message Scheduler. Plug in the date and time Sunday morning, leave for vacation that afternoon, and trust that your important message will start flying out Wednesday automatically. That’s “hands-free” service!
  • The Mad Scientist’s Link Tracker. If you need to know what strategies are working and what strategies stunk like a skunk, this bonus built-in ad tracker is your method to test, test, test for immediate, in-demand results.
  • The Name Branding Machine. Make your sales jump like a gazelle with this sophisticated yet simple tool that plugs in each subscribers name into your web pages. When John Doe visits a web site that reads “Dear John,” you’re one step closer to the sale. This advanced feature lets you do this for instantly and with little effort!
  • A Keyboard Free Sign Up Process. For people who fear typing and don’t want to fill out forms! Let people sign up for your autoresponder with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Our Opt-In Email Finder will track down their email address for them! Skipping this step will help you grow your lists even faster.
  • Your Own Personal (Autoresponder) Maid: Have this virtual assistant automatically take one subscriber off one list when he or she subscribes to another – making sure you’re not sending the same message to them twice. And say goodbye to old, abandoned, resource draining email addresses that are bouncing back to you each week. These worthless email addresses are automatically removed from all lists at your request.
Absolutely Free Fireball AutoResponder for lifelong.

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