Free Gifts (Referral Script)

A referral script where you can offer free gifts in exchange for referrals and members signing up for offers. Great software to earn affiliate income.

Have you ever thought of running a site like FreeiPods etc?

Referral System Power Script does it all for you, the user system, offer system, referral system.
Those sites run smoothly and make a great amount of profit. It all works very simple, users sign up at your site, they complete an offer and refer some friends, once they get X amount of friends you give them their free product. You’ll earn commission from affiliate programs that you sign up for on your own. Each user who does an offer gets you money. So if a user doesn’t get X amount of friends to do an offer too, you’ll still get the money from his offer, and you won’t have to send him anything!

This power script allows you to run an easy moneymaking website. We provide you with everything you need, you can have your site, and start making money the minute you get it.

And it has a powerful admin backend where you can manage offers, users, send mass emails and be in control of your website.

Who should use Free Gifts Referral PowerScript
# Webmasters who want to promote their products/services
# Anybody who want to make extra money by affiliate programs.

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