Greatest Web Video Effect

I will show you how to simulate the effect also but more importantly:

I will actually show you how to make videos with completely transparent backgrounds that you can literally pop up on, embed in, place on top of, or layer over any part of your web page.

I will also show you how to embed video in transparent pop-in's that you can place in your page with a variety of effects and controls including the very effective scroll follow feature that keeps your video in front of your prospect as they scroll through your web site

The truth is that there are literally hundreds of video and web production companies that charge thousands of dollars to provide these services.

So if others are so obsessed with this effect that they are willing to pay thousands just to have it done for them...

...what is it worth to you to find out how you can quickly and easily create this effect for your self or clients as often as you want?

Here are a few of the things you will discover:

* Three snippets of code to copy and paste into your web page. that make flash video alpha channels transparent (like the effect at the top of this page)

* Step by Step Video showing you how to edit, save, and convert, and embed alpha channels (transparent video effect) in your flash videos.

* Step by Step Video on How to create invisible unblockable, cross browser compatible pop-ins that you can embed transparent videos in with a number of different effects including drop in, slide in, bounce, fade in, and best of all scroll follow so that your video is always in front of your prospect! Plus a secret line of code you need to make invisible pop-ins with transparent video effects work.

* Step by Step Video on How to build pro soft box lamps, lighting arrays, lamp stands, frameworks all using parts from local hardware and home improvement stores on a shoestring budget. Video examples and step by step instructions that will literally save you hundreds of dollars on professional lighting.

* Tips, instructions and diagrams on how to properly light video... I actually had a professional video producer who has worked for CNN, PBS, BBC, and the Discovery Channel write a special report on lighting specially for this package... you can see a sample video he produced for me at my new site: nc

* How to build chromakey sets the right way for special effects and full body walk in videos using nothing more than inexpensive parts from the hardware store with, paint, paper, or fabric.

* Three essential things you must consider before purchasing a video camera. If you know these things it could save you from wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying the wrong camera.

* Microphones and other accessories... where to find the best deals and how to decide what you need. I have literally saved thousands with these tips and you can too.

* Plus... you will get exclusive access to updates, tips, tricks, and freebies via the members only newsletter.

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