10 Ways To Use PLR Reports

1. You can easily monetize your special report by using your affiliate links. There will almost always be an opportunity to make a reference to a particular product, service, or website in a report. For instance, if you have a report on teleseminars you can use your affiliate link to recommend a service that can be used to set up a phone line and record the seminar.

2. Using special reports as a bonus incentive is a great way to get people to subscribe to your mailing list. Once they’re on your list, you’ll not only be able to provide them with valuable information, but you can promote your products and services to them as well. Don’t forget to surprise your current subscribers every so often with a new, and free, special report that they can download. They’ll love you for it.

3. Beef up the value of your current products and services by giving away special reports as a bonus gift to those who buy from you.

4. If you have a membership site you can quickly add a lot of beneficial content by providing them as a resource to your members.

5. Surveys are a great way to find out what your customers want, but sometimes it can be difficult to get people to take the time to answer your questions. Giving a report away as reward to someone who does your survey is a great motivator.

6. Personalize one for your niche market and sell it as a special introductory product and get more of your target market into your marketing funnel.

7. Expand the special report into a full size information product.

8. If you need fresh content for your website, newsletter or blog, you can break up a special report into smaller sections to create your own articles.

9. Create an ecourse using the content in the special report. Just load the content into an autoresponder system and the autoresponder will mail each day’s lesson out to your list. Then at the end you can recommend your other products and services.

10. Sell the reports as they are on your website, or with a sales letter. Implementing private label rights special reports into you business is a quick way to get content on your website or blog, to create your own information products and beef up your current ones, not to mention how enticing they are as freebies.

The minimal investment you make now in the PLR special reports can repay you several times over in the long-term. If you need of fresh content right away, or you just want to generate some extra cash with special reports, Melissa Ingold has created a site to bring you quality PLR special reports every month. Each month you’ll have access to a brand new, 2000+ word special report on a business related topic. Click this link to put the power of PLR to work for you!

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