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Hi Folks,

It's not often that I am asked to review products online, usually I just get offers to promote the "next big thing", but today this post is very unique.

I have been asked by Ray Johnson to review his brand new course, entitled "Adswap Masterclass", so I'll try to give you my most open and honest opinions below.

Adswap Masterclass JV is a complete step-by-step VIDEO training course that teaches you how to set up a mammoth sized and more importantly PROFITABLE subscriber list in record time.

(To the tune of 10,000 subscribers in UNDER 10 weeks!)

Basically, the course is web based and is made up of 10 training modules plus an array of extra good FREE stuff, like a 36 page FREE eBook in which, most of the teaching is done by Ray himself.

The teaching is SO easy! Like you were back in high school or college, which I could REALLY relate to and enjoyed.

Soon afterwards, Ray, follows up what he teaches you with step by step screen capture videos so you can learn how to actually APPLY what you've learned from the eBook.

The modules cover everything from the very basics of:

  • What an Adswap is...
  • How an Adswap works...
  • How to approach marketers for an Adswap...
  • How to build an Adswap database to CATAPULT the size and profits from your list...

Adswap instroductions to build your "network" ...and pretty much everything you need to know in order to have a EXTREMELY profitable list built on FREE Adwaps...

Once you've grasped the basics in the eBook, the video series moves on to help you IMPLEMENT all the processes step by step, and is very detailed! There's way too much to mention here.

I'm so glad this wasn't some out dated course where the links don't even work anymore. This is really cutting edge stuff, and Ray makes it possible FOR ANYONE to build a monster list FAST, while making money money than you can handle.

But aside from all the fresh stuff, I think my favorite part is just KNOWING that I'll succeed online now.

All I have to do is follow Ray's easy advice.

It's called "Adswap Masterclass", because it really IS a masterclass in growing a HUGE list, whilst profiting FAST:

===> Without spending a dime
===> Without travelling ther globe to seminars
===> Without getting frustrated from JV rejection

In all honesty, "Adswap Masterclass" gets a thumbs up from me and I hope it's still free when you read this so you can run over and snatch up a copy for yourself, you'd seriously be mad to miss it.

To YOUR Success as always, and thanks for reading.


P.S. If you have experience of the course, please feel free to leave vour valuable comments.

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