Super Six Script Collection - Buy For $9.95

If you want better response rates, higher conversions and ultimately increased profits then you can find them .... in Robert Plank's Super Six!

Script #1: How to Make Your Own Software Generator - Want to market your own "simpleware" product? Then you'll know exactly how to 'Create One'!

Script #2: How to Get An E-Book Boost - Maximize the download rate of your ebooks with this clever script.

Script #3: Interactive Sales Letters - Put a set of option in your regular sales page and parts of the sales letter change based on the visitor's choice. This can double or triple your current conversion rates!

Script #4: Price Negotiator - Market test your prices on the fly! Run this script on your site for a few weeks and you'll know the optimum market price for your product!

Script #5: Item-Based Sales Counter - Have time limited special offers or quantity based sales? Then automate it! Say, only 25 copies. Once one copy is sold that number changes to 24, then 23, and so on until they're all gone. It's far better than a timed countdown sales.

Script #6: Split Tester - Improve your conversion rates scientifically. you make only small methodical tweaks. Over time you can increase the chance that a visitor to your site will buy from you and maximize the profit you earn from every site.

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