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        Participating In Other People's Blogs!

Why should you do all the hard work when you can profit from what others have already done?

You see, blog owners are in desperate need.  They work like crazy, writing fresh new content almost everyday... But, they often rarely get any appreciation or positive contributions to their blogs.

As a result, most blogs are like ghost towns.  The only person who appears to be viewing them is the writer.

So, just imagine what you can accomplish if you comment in hundreds of different blogs in your niche WITHOUT slaving away for hours on end.  What would happen?

The Answer Is Astonishing To Say The Least.

You can gain up to thousands of backlinks with anchor text (the key to getting ranked for the terms you want), hundreds, even thousands of targeted visitors, and search engines spiders flooding into your website (as they love to suck-up links around each blog).

The profits are incredible.  Now, back to reality.  Posting comments to even just a dozen of blogs on a regular basis is simply not realistic.  It takes countless hours of your time and makes your hands and eyes go numb from spending endless hours in front of your computer.

So, that's why a new solution has been developed.   It allows you to get all the results of submitting comments (with your link inside) to all of your favorite blogs with a tiny fraction of the time and effort.  As a result, you quickly generate...

Countless Quick Backlinks, Loads of Targeted Visitors, and A Rapid Surge of Search Engine Spiders!

The solution is called Instant Blog Links --  A new tool from Rod Beckwith.  (the creators of top-selling tools Adword Generator, Article Equalizer, Instant Affiliate Submitter and many more).

Instant Blog Links is an easy-to-download PC software you can run right on your computer (So there's zero monthly fees and you can use it whenever you want).

It allows you to quickly and easily locate and gradually submit useful comments (along with a link to your website) to countless high-PR blogs within your market.  Over time, this can easily add up to dozens, hundreds or even thousands incoming links.

Please keep in mind, that this is NOT an automatic mass submission blog spam tool.  You must submit quality comments if you wish to get results. 

         Let's Take A Closer Look At What This New Tool Does For You!

It takes less than 3 minutes to get it rolling from once you open it for the first time:

Here Are All The Features and Benefits You To Gain Control Of With Instant Blog Links:

  • Gain an unlimited number of backlinks from blogs with high PR traffic, search engine spiders, and higher search rankings – Best of all, you can point these links to any page you want for high-impact boosts in your search engine rankings!
  • In most markets, receive hundreds of targeted visitors, within mere days of putting your software to work for the first time.  New sales for your affiliate programs, ad sense revenue, or more sales for your product are just moments away!
  • Get any page you want visited by the search engine spiders – quick, possibly in mere hours.  When you put all of your pages to work in the search engines, you increase your revenue exponentially!  You won't have to wait months to get results with your new websites.
  • Find and submit to an unlimited number of blogs.  Supplied with more keywords, your Instant Blog Links finds potentially tens of thousands of targeted blogs.  You can then pick-out the ones most likely to produce results to submit comments to.
  • Instantly ping dozens of search engines and blog directories whenever you post, so the search engine spiders come running to find your links.  You're going to see the first results trickle in within hours!
  • Quickly identify the blogs with the highest PR to ensure your time is spent wisely -- and you get the most from this technique!
  • Use optional built-in delays throughout the entire submission process.  Being considerate to others is key to making the results last for a long time.
  • Get full reporting so you can keep track of where your comments have been submitted!  This is a HUGE time-saver because you are certain not to submit to the same blog twice!
  • Keep track of how your pages are doing in the search engines so you can see what pages you need to submit more comments for!  Instant Blog Links is the ultimate search engine optimization tool for getting high-quality, quick and easy, traffic-filled links!
  • Free Updates Lifelong...
  • View the blog before you submit your comments with the click of a button so that you can personalize to each blog!  This ensures your comment is approved by the blog moderator and produces results for many years to come!
 Because unlike other software products that go out-of-date quickly when a more advanced one comes out... or... charge you an outrageous fee for an update, you get FREE upgrades!

Additionally, the same is true for added usability features.  When new and helpful ones are needed, then you can be rest assured they will be added.

This means you there's zero reasons to wait on securing your copy of Instant Blog Links right now... Your investment is secure.

So, go-ahead and take your pay raise for a miniscule investment price right now.  With this deal, you can only gain by picking-up your copy now...

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