Free Joint Venture Network For Internet Marketers

Take a look at this. I just got a private invitation.

It is not open to the public.

It is by Mike Filsaime and he has allowed me to only discuss this with a few ofmy closest online partners.

I wanted to ask you a quick question.

Have you ever done Joint Ventures with top marketing experts like:

Shawn Casey; Tellman Knudson; Gary Ambrose; Dr Mike Woo-Ming; Alice Seba; Carlos Garcia; Mike Glaspie

Well, Mike Filsaime has and it has made him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mike has ask me to be part of this inner circle now I can work one on one with these people too.

Mike has put together a private membership to Network and Joint Venture with over 5000 marketers.

No one can become a member without a private invitation to the site. However, when I became a member you were one of the first persons I wanted to share this with. This is a FREE  community and I invite you to check it out now.

After you join, please contact me and let me know. I will look for you in the member's directory.

P.S. The site does not use email to notify you of a JV announcement. There is a advanced technology to get you the information instantly.

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