Membership Sites Take Work

It seems that everyone is singing the praises of membership websites these days. Creating a membership site online is a great way to create passive income without being tied to your computer day in and day out. That’s not to say these types of websites don’t take work – quite the contrary actually.

While membership site ownership takes a lot of the hassle of working for an hourly wage in a service business or for someone else, you still have to put in some leg work. A membership site owner could easily say that’s all they do, however there is so much more involved in the process if you want your site to be successful.

Let’s take a very popular membership site idea seen more and more on the Internet these days – PLR Memberships. These memberships sell content in various forms such as articles, blog posts, sales pages, and more to Internet marketers and other website owners. The most common PLR membership is a monthly one where members receive new content each and every month.

Many mistakenly think the owner of a PLR membership site simply sits back and rakes in the payments each month. Not quite. Here’s just part of what all the owner is responsible for on a monthly basis.

• Plan ahead as to what members will be receiving months ahead of when they will actually get it.
• Write or have writers create the PLR content for each month.
• Review the content and edit as needed.
• Upload the content to the website.
• Notify members of the content’s availability.
• Handle any customer service issues (of which there WILL be).
•  Handle all payments, refund requests and other billing disputes.
• Continually market the membership (you do want it to grow don’t you?)
• Constantly thinking of ways to improve membership to stay ahead of the competition.

Like I said, that’s just a partial list of what all is involved in running a successful membership site. If you think you can create a membership site, throw some content up and sit back and spend your checks as they come in, unfortunately this is NOT the case. Marketing a membership site alone can be time consuming to say the least, if not planned out and done correctly.

If you’re thinking of starting your own membership site, I encourage you to take the time to really find out what all is involved. Think your plan through before jumping in with both feet. You’ll be glad you did – no matter which way you choose to go once you’ve looked at all the steps necessary to not only create but grow your business.

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