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"Here's The Ultimate Easy Way To Stop Hackers And Thieves Stealing Your Downloadable Products From Your Own Thank You Pages"

If you're selling downloadable products such as ebooks and software, you probably already know about the risk of your products being stolen from your own thank you pages.

It has been estimated that over half of all ebooks and software in use are stolen copies, with a large proportion of these being stolen directly from the thank you page.

This of course means lost sales and income as potential customers simply grab a copy of your product for FREE instead of paying you for it.

This is both very costly and very annoying.

There's a lot of misinformation on the Internet about how hackers and thieves actually gain access to thank you pages without paying.

The reality is that unless you give your thank you page a name that is easy to guess, like "thanks.html", it's actually quite hard for people to find it.

If you give your thank you page a random name with letters and digits in, such as "ty_35369712.html", even sophisticated hacking software is unlikely to find it.

There is however still a serious risk of a customer sharing his or her link with friends, or even posting the link on forums or Warez (illegal download) sites.

The problem can be made considerably worse if a search engine picks up the link, making it accessible to anyone doing a search for your product.

The only really effective solution is to use "expiring links".

Each customer gets his or her own personal link to your thank you page that only works for a limited period of time (typically 24 to 48 hours). After this period, the link is disabled, making it useless to forum and search engine traffic.

For additional protection, you can also limit the number of times the individual zip files can be downloaded through each link and even lock the link to a single IP address, so it's useless to anyone other than the actual customer.

Our brand new Dragon Download Protector software creates these special expiring links automatically.

It also offers a huge number of other features and benefits, making it an essential tool for anyone selling downloadable products.

Quick And Easy Script Set Up

Dragon Download Protector is an easy to use script, which you install on your own web host.

To set up the script, just enter a few details into the special setup tool as shown below...

To set up the script, just enter a few details into the special setup tool as shown below...

Automatically Create Thank You Pages
Once you have added a product to the script, it will create a thank you page for the product automatically.

Use An Unlimited Number Of Templates
You can use the same thank you page template for all your products if you wish.

Personalize Thank You Pages Automatically
You can include the special text %%product%% in your thank you page templates and the script will automatically insert the name of the product being sold in place of %%product%%.

Easily Manage Your Products
Your script has a password-protected admin page, which allows you to administer your products.

Instantly Generate Sales Links And Buttons
Each product has a "Get Code" option, which is used to get the code for sales links/buttons for that product.

You can create a Paypal button to sell the product, by entering the price and clicking Submit. The script will generate the HTML code for a new Paypal button and display the code, so you can paste it into your sales page. (You can also create Paypal button from your Paypal account instead if you prefer.)

The system is secured through the Paypal "IPN" system, making it almost impossible to hack the system.

When someone orders using one of your Paypal buttons, the script will automatically create a new secure, expiring link (which links to the thank you page for that product). The customer will be directed to that new link as soon as they have paid. The link will also be emailed to the customer.
Selling through Paypal really is that simple. Just generate the button, paste it into your sales page - and you're done. The system will handle everything else on autopilot.

Lock Each Link To A Single IP Address
For even more security, the script can also limit the number of different IP addresses that can access any link.

Instantly Disable Any Link
If a link gets posted to a forum or Warez site, it's unlikely to cause a lot of damage because of the protection mechanisms built into the links.

Automatically Build A Customer Mailing List
Many people like to build a mailing list of customers using an autoresponder service.

Compatible With Affiliate Scripts

Affiliate scripts generally use one of two mechanisms, to record the sale.
They either require the inclusion of special code into a thank you page -or use some sort of technique to actually pass the link to the thank you page through the affiliate script.

Dragon Download Protector supports both these mechanisms, which means you should be able to use it with any affiliate script.

Use For An Unlimited Number Of Sites/Products
You can use a single installation of this software to manage an unlimited number of products.

In addition, you can install this software on as many websites as you want (as long as they are all owned by you).


Advanced, Powerful Features:

Here's a quick summary of all the features of this powerful software...
  •     Install an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of websites (as long as all sites are owned by you).
  •     Manage an unlimited number of products with one installation.
  •     Each customer gets their own unique link for each product.
  •     Thank you pages can only be accessed from a valid link.
  •     Individual zip files can only be accessed through a valid link.
  •     Option to expire each link (expire time is set by you).
  •     Option to limit the number of times your product can be downloaded from each link.
  •     Option to lock each link to a single IP address, making it almost impossible for people to share their link with anyone else.
  •     Short links with just 24 characters (plus the URL of the site).
  •     Secure links stop hackers with over a billion, billion, billion, billion permutations (this would take thousands of years to hack using standard methods).
  •     Totally secure Paypal payments through the Paypal "IPN" system.
  •     Totally secure Clickbank payments through the "secret key" feature.
  •     Totally secure 2CheckOut payments through the "secret word" feature.
  •     Unique secure system for other payment services.
  •     Links automatically emailed to customers for Paypal, Clickbank and 2CheckOut payments.
  •     Optional notification emails sent to you each time a new link is created.
  •     You can easily create new unique links manually as required.
  •     You can easily disable any link instantly.
  •     You can blacklist email addresses to stop known refunders from being issued with links (for Paypal, Clickbank and 2CheckOut payments).
  •     You can blacklist IP addresses to stop known hackers accessing downloads.
  •     Thank you pages are template based so they match the look and feel of your site.
  •     Template solution allows you to easily add upsells and special offers to your thank you pages.
  •     Flexible and unlimited template solution - products can share templates or have separate templates as required.
  •     Templates can be automatically customized with the product name and the customers name and/or email address.
  •     Works with any conventional affiliate script.
  •     Can optionally subscribe all customers to an autoresponder, to build a customer mailing list automatically.

One of the big drawbacks with the Internet is its open nature, making it very easy for people to hack and steal with complete anonymity.

If you are selling downloadable products, you are almost certainly losing money from this problem.

Dragon Download Protector is the easiest totally secure solution available on the Internet, adding a powerful security shield around your thank you pages, with minimal effort.

Consider the losses you could be making as a result of theft and hacking and I'm sure you'll agree that the low price of just $47 for this powerful software makes this a real bargain.

However, despite the fact that I'm offering this superb software at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why Dragon Download Protector comes with my cast iron 60-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

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