6-Hour Work At Home Video Certification Course

Felicia earned $78,000 in
9 months typing part time
from home for a Fortune 500 company. You can too!

We all know that 98% of the work at home offers on the internet are scams, but evidently Personal Computer Training Institute offers a real training course and they have even been rated the #1 work at home program by the Consumer Advocacy Group Of America.

Here is the article:

$77,000 a year working at home? We thought it sounded too good to be true. Turns out, it might be one of the only real work at home jobs out there.

Lisa Walker didn't just dream about it -- she did it.

Eight months ago she took the plunge and made a commitment to quit the hostessing job she had worked at for over 5 years to begin working at home over the internet.

"I always hated the idea of having to leave my kids at home while I went off to my job", Lisa said. "I have always had a great work ethic, and have been willing to work hard, but at the restaurant there is only a limited salary I can ever earn and the only way I can work is by being away from home."

"I had tried many work at home programs over the years, which unfortunately all turned out to be scams ," she said, "but when I read about the program offered by Personal Computer Training Institute, I just had a feeling that it would let me finally let me live my dream of a job that lets me stay at home and be there for my kids. Once I saw that I had earned $1175 in my first two days, I knew that I was really going to get a chance to live my dream."

Lisa was surprised at just how easy the program was. "I was able to work my way through the entire course online at home in a single weekend." By Monday morning I was certified and by Monday afternoon I had already started working for Citigroup. "

Lisa's title is Web Processing Specialist, and she says the work is "as easy as going online, typing and clicking the mouse."

"The key is in knowing which websites to use, and where to type the articles you are given for maximum exposure. But I learned all of that in the course from Personal Computer Training Institute, " Lisa explains. "There are so many work at home scams that claim they are offering typing jobs, but all you really do is type ads and you are expected to spend your own money to pay for advertising. But as a Web Processing Specialist, you are given real articles to type, and you are told how to navigate to the right websites for typing them.

Lisa says she loves the flexible hours being a Web Processing Specialist offers her. "Your pay is simply based on getting the information posted on the web in the right places, and it doesn't matter what time of day you do it. Sometimes I work after I get the kids off to school, and sometimes I work at night after they are asleep."

Lisa is reluctant to speak about her ex-husband, who she divorced over two years ago. "All I can say is that he really didn't live up to his responsibilities as a father. Not getting child support has made everything much more difficult. But the money I am earning now has put me in a better financial situtation than when I was married."

"I am really optimistic about the future," Lisa said. "Getting involved with Personal Computer Training Institute has turned my whole life around. Now I know I'm going to be able to bring up my kids the way I've always wanted to."

Anyway, that's the end of the article. I'm going to sign up myself, and here is the link to their website so you can get more information and find out if there are still openings in your area:

From what I understand, they are offering a 50% off special today, so you really should check it out right now!

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