Spirit Of Yoga DVD Special !!!

Discover Your Ability to Rejuvenate
Your Body, Mind and Spirit!
Launching “Spirit of Yoga in Sedona”- Now in DVD format!
“Spirit of Yoga In Sedona” Has Unique Features:
  • It is an inspirational program filmed outside in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona where 3 to 6 million tourists pass through every year.
  • The presentation has an artistic flair including animal and nature symbolism as well as magnificent sculptures by well-known Sedona sculpture John Soderburg.
  • There is soothing, relaxing background music by David Cosmo who is a paraplegic and does Yoga with the help of props.
  • Tania Bloch demonstrates Yoga poses, together with her sister Lana Bloch, who used Yoga in her recovery after a near-fatal car accident.
  • It is a 60 minute presentation which includes 30 Hatha Yoga poses, deep breathing and a 10 minute relaxation / visualization.  There are clear, concise instructions including the benefits of each pose.  
The Story Behind the Spirit…
Spirit of Yoga in Sedona has sentimental value for Tania and Lana, because there is a heartbreaking as well as uplifting story connected to it.  A few weeks after filming the video, Lana had a head-on-collision.  Her legs were crushed and it took two jaws-of-life to extract her from the vehicle.  After several surgeries, Lana lay on her back for many months.  While in recovery, she did Yoga breathing to help with the intense pain.  In addition, she watched the rough cut of the Yoga video which gave her inspiration and hope by helping her visualize walking and doing Yoga again.
Miraculously, six months later she was walking with crutches and the sisters decided to finish the project.  To the doctor’s surprise, Yoga and alternative therapies assisted Lana’s rehabilitation.  Besides Lana’s healing, Tania has had her own challenges dealing with stress and Yoga has been a wonderful form of stress-management. Ultimately, the sisters wanted to share Yoga with more people so they “too” can receive the positive benefits.  Many viewers who have used the Yoga video have amazing feedback and have asked for the DVD version.  Finally, it is now available in DVD format for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home!
What Else Do I Receive With My CD Order?
  1. Bonus #1: Three free greeting cards - Tania’s and Lana’s original Sedona paintings.
  2. Bonus #2: Free Stress-Management tips
  3. Bonus #3: Free 15 minute stress-management strategy consultation.

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