Auto Safelist Submitter

Finally, the Safelist Submitter you've been waiting for!

....this is just the Easiest, Most Professional and Powerful Safelist submitter you will Find Online. Now for the first time ever you can log in and set up your ads one-time, then set the software to mail every day for 998 days automatically without you ever having to log in again for almost 3 years. This will truly put all your promotions on auto pilot while you do something else.

CAUTION: Your Ads could have an EXPLOSIVE Response! 

Imagine being able to Join hundreds of Safelists with ONE click, Saving Your Ads AND have them SENT Automatically to the Safelists.

You will definately save TIME!!!!
Main Benefits for All Accounts
  • NO Software to Download
  • Completely Web-Based submitter membership. Nothing to download to your PC. Everything is done through your Private Member area.
  • Join hundreds of Safelists with ONE Click
  • Easily manage all aspects of Safelists, to include; Registration, Send Message to all safelists, Vacation Setting, Request welcome message, Delete Account, Change profile anytime, etc. All done from your private account. No need to visit each one of the safelist site to do any of the above.
  • Safelist Auto-Validator Feature - new!
  • Completely Web-Based Safelist Auto-Validator. No need to access your list address mailbox and click each one of the Validation links.
  • NO waiting in line to send your Ad
  • Everything is right there, no need to start wandering off to other sites.
  • NO waiting or window stalling after sending your Ad
  • You will not have to wait for your ad to be sent, all is done in the background, saving you time everytime.
  • Just hit Send and your ad will go to all Safelists
  • That's right, and even have your ad sent automatically, no need to login each day. You can preset your ad to go out every day for 999 days without logging back in. Let our system do the job for you. Relax and enjoy your day!
  • Add your Banners to our rotator
  • You may add your personal banners to our rotator shown on every page of this site.
  • POP3 Mailbox Cleaner
  • A" Must" have for Internet Marketers. It will auto-dump any mailbox you specify. Meaning it will automatically delete all your messages from your mailbox every x amount of time. (set by admin)
  • Link Tracking
  • You may add x amount of URLs depending your membership level for tracking hits to any site you specify. Another "Must".
  • Save Ads for easy access and sending
  • You wil be able to save your ads. No more copy and paste everytime you want to send your ad. It will all be there when you come back.
  • Built-In Affiliate Program
  • Earn cash when you promote your Affiliate URL. You will find all the necessary promotional links and banners in member area.
  • And Lots of Bonuses
  • You will be using the MOST sophisticated safelist submitter system ever built!

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