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Improve Your Website or Blog By Encouraging
Your Visitors To Leave Their Comments

When you know what your visitors think, you can give them what they want... and that's what keeps them coming back. The more your visitors return the stronger their loyalty will get, giving you a better chance of getting them to buy your products, sign up for your services, or do whatever your website is intended to do.

The idea of getting a product in the mail is very appealing to potential customers especially when you consider the fact that the Internet allows you to give those same customers instant access to your product so there's no waiting period. You're getting the best of both worlds.

Make It Easy With A FREE Shoutbox

All you have to do is sign up for a free shoutbox, then put one line of code on your website.

All your visitor has to do is type in their name and message and hit the shout button. They never even leave your web page.

Most people don't want to be bothered with filling out forms and giving their email addresses and such. But, if you make it easy for them to leave their comments, they'll be happy to do so.

By not requiring a real name or email address, your visitors will tell you what they really think about your website. Which is EXACTLY what you want them to do.

In no time at all, you'll know EXACTLY what your visitors like and don't like about your website.

Customize Your WP Shoutbox
To Your Wordpress Blog or Any HTML Website

You can easily make your free shoutbox match your Wordpress blog or any website by choosing one of our themes or using your own colors.

Your free shoutbox is so versatile that you can even change it into something totally different than a shoutbox altogether!

One click of your mouse will prevent your visitors from posting to your free shoutbox, allowing you to display news, testimonials, ads or anything else you want your visitors to see.

Not only are shoutboxes fun and FREE, they're functional!

Easy To Use Online Control Panel
Makes Management A Breeze!

Manage all features of your free shoutbox with an easy to use online control panel. Major features include...

  • Sign up FREE. A valid email address is required.
  • Add, edit and delete multiple shoutboxes.
  • Customize the name, size, or colors of each individual shoutbox.
  • Allow or disallow public posting to each individual shoutbox.
  • Limit how often a visitor can post to each individual shoutbox, how long messages are saved
  • Adjust the time zone for each individual shoutbox.
  • Limit the number of messages shown in each individual shoutbox.
  • Delete messages in each individual shoutbox.
  • Ban abusive users of your shoutboxes.
  • Put your shoutboxes on your Wordpress blogs, using only one line of code.
  • Mix and match colors and/or themes and put multiple shoutboxes on the same page.
  • Works anywhere you can paste a simple Javascript or PHP code, including blogs.
  • Add a photo or avatar to your contact form. (no email addresses are ever revealed!)
  • Community chat rooms so you can chat with all other shoutbox users.
  • Update your profile at any time.
... and MORE!

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