MyListFrog - Latest Viral List Builder

Whoopee! Jaye Pause has done it again! My List Frog has just been launched and is just what the internet industry has been waiting for!

The New Viral List Builder, MyListFrog is the brainchild of Jaye Pause – If you haven’t heard his name, pay attention, he is quickly becoming a go to guy for List Building and Internet Marketing Advertising Services.

About MyListFrog:

“A Revolutionary New Mailing System Enables You To Mail Everyone That Joins After You…Then Lets You Leap Into A Higher Position and Mail Everyone Below You!”

MyListFrog has taken prospecting and finding new clients to a whole new level. You’re about to reach more people and faster than ANY OTHER PROGRAM you’ve used in the past.

Imagine being able to lock in on an INSTANT, MASSIVE LIST of your very own. A remarkable and unique list that will drive high quality converting traffic directly to your websites increasing your traffic, signups and your sales by up to 200% or more!

And best of all MyListFrog is 100% FREE to join, but I would consider the one-time offer very carefully, this program will grow in a big way!

RE: Want to leap over your prospects, then mail them all?

My List Frog gives you the chance to reach THOUSANDS of fresh new prospects all the time, combined with our Viral Text Ad System - which will instantly drive tremendous ad clicks to all of your offers with the help of MLF's members when they advertise their Viral Text Ad Link Cloaker for their own offers!

You've just gotta check this one out, it's truly a unique concept, and you can start mailing 400 RANDOM members right now, free!

Click Here To Signup MyListFrog

Oh, did I mention you also receive a free $5 automatic sign up bonus,

1 solo ad,

1000 mailing credits, and

2000 viral ad credits too?

Jaye even created this incredible new system called Full Page Ads that allows us to advertise our entire website to all members of My List Frog as soon as they login, and they have the option of earning credits!

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